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Little Changes, Big Satisfaction

The vast majority of the populace is not destined to hike the Himalayas or trek the Amazon, for most, daily life consists of much of the mundane. Yet our lives weave a rich tapestry and great satisfaction is to be gained for an appreciation of  the ‘little details’ that make up the pattern of our lives.  Your child’s smile, your husband’s wink, the call of kookaburras, the smell of fresh washing, re-organising your linen can all bring great contentment.

This past weekend our world was full of little details that bought great satisfaction. I made good on my plan and deep cleaned the study. One thing led to another and we began moving furniture out to enable the second filing cabinet to migrate from the shed.  Our study now boasts two filing cabinets, one for PC’s paperwork and one for mine.  Both located conveniently near to our desks.  All weekend long I sorted and culled paperwork, it is such a wonderful feeling to toss paper! I feel so much lighter:)  I now even have a spare drawer to offer PC if he needs room.  So successful was that project that I’m next planning to tackle the three bags of memorabilia in the shipping container, that have been collecting for 18 years. Wedding cards, birth cards (not too many as congrats dwindle drastically after baby No. 2) birthday cards, love notes from PC and the children.  Thinking on how to store these. Any ideas?  I’m vaguely thinking to sort so each child has a pile and then to store in plastic push button envelopes in the filing cabinet.  Ideas, thoughts??

After the success with the filing cabinet we found ourselves in Target in the ‘organising’ aisle.  There was a sale on! and so we purchased a huge metal cannister bin for our regular rubbish, and a smaller one for the compost.  They look so attractive and neater.  Now to find a bin for the recycling 

Little changes producing great results, bringing great satisfaction.

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  • The Handmaden

    A good cleaning session can be as good as moving house, it's just so wonderful.
    Would you believe our kitchen 'bin" for the past 5 years has been a plastic bag hanging on a hook after too many little hands getting into a regular bin! I think it's time to invest in a proper bin.

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