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Living & Learning Sketch – October

Thanks to my friend Gae for inspiring me to finally organise my thoughts a whole month ahead. and ‘lending’ me her format.
The first two weeks of October we will be taking ‘school’ holidays, so life will be a little different.


The Month of the Most Holy Rosary
As two name days occur this month (we celebrate middle and confirmation names too) we are planning to celebrate:

– 1st St Therese of the Child Jesus (Princess and my name day)
with colouring, a coconut cake and modified punch, this prayer and reading Catholic Treasure Box books and other Feast Day books.

– 2nd Feast of the Guardian Angels
Celebrating with colouring, perhaps these roses, and this prayer, reading these books and other Feast Day books and making Angel Kisses.

– 4th St Francis of Assisi
Casual with just colouring and Feast Day books.

– 7th Our Lady of the Rosary (Jelly Bean’s name day)
Colouring and cooking the Victory Vessels, perhaps even make a chaplet of the Cupcake Rosary. Of course we will be praying the Rosary too.

-Change Fr Meranti’s colours daily.

-Present one lesson each week from the Home Catechesis Manuals.

– Set up a ‘Month of the Holy Rosary’ altar display.

-Finish the Year of the Priest display.

– Organise a new Spring Menu.
Seeking variety and health.
-Mending in the holidays.
-Start Planning Christmas present list.
-Change cleaning plans. Working alone on various jobs for only a week.
-School Holiday Deeper Cleaning.
Windows, screens, cobwebs and walls.
– Bake slices, muffins, biscuits on Saturday.
(Home made goodies make PC feel loved)
-Have lunch menus planned.

-Finish making doll with Princess in the holidays.
-Daily Art Time in the holidays.
– Once a week when lessons resume.

– Daily Nature Rambles in the holidays.
Bi-Weekly when lessons resume.
Picnic in the holidays down in the bush.

– Daily Exercise.
For myself walk around property, 4km.
For older children, encourage walking.

-Regular rising despite holidays.
To all come together for morning prayers by 9am. in holidays.
Back to 8am when lessons resume.

Read at least three picture books with little ones daily.
Read at lest one chapter of read aloud daily.
Continue even in holidays.

-Board Games
Play at least one game per day in holidays.

-Screen Time
To be vigilant regards screen time, particularly in holidays.

-To have plans for Term 4 organised, books ordered, in the first week of holidays,

-Have all lessons printed and filed, waiting, prior to Term commencement!!

-Family Prayer
Morning Prayer Time (Re-institute hymn singing)
Nightly Rosary. Hear children’s individual prayers in bed.

-Continue to emphasise the importance of Sundays as Special.

-High Tea once a week.

-Poetry/Sharing night once a week. (Re-institute)

The following plans to be finalised during the holidays, rough ideas at this stage.

-Chapter Book/Picture Book Goals (see above)

Australian Book Traveler Picture Book Unit.

-Daily Poetry reading.

A Child’s Geography of the World.

The Wonderland of Nature

-Little Grammar People – Nuri Mass Springboard for Grammar studies.

-History – Downloads

Little Ones
– One Montessori lesson/day for little ones

Little Saints Pre-school

Didache Series

Tops Science

8th – Princess’ B’day and B’day party with friends.
17th- Serving & Choir Practice for Missa Cantata

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