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Mini Birthday Week 2013

What a whirlwind week it has been, with our College ‘children’ home and the observance of all the Easter services. adding to the mix we celebrated 2 birthdays. On Good Friday Bass turned 2, we postponed his birthday and celebrated on Easter Sunday.  It is so surprising to realise our ‘baby’ is 2 already!  He is such a confident little boy, knowing he is so loved, always eager to be involved and never left out, although he happily plays on his own too.


Six days after Bass’ birthday we celebrated Einstein’s 16th birthday!!!  Einstein is such a mature young man who is often assumed to be older due to his demeanor, he has a great capacity to emanate joy and takes pleasure in the simplest matters.  It is an honour to be the parents of such a fine young man.

Just prior to Einstein’s birthday we celebrated with a visit to an ice skating rink whilst our College ‘children’ were home.  Alas that ended in disaster, a ride in the ambulance and our second visit to accident and emergency in two days.  The first visit necessitated glue for Jem’s(4) chin which was split open at a party after ‘meeting with’ a see-saw.  The ice skating disaster consisted of  Jack Jack(6) falling backwards, landing on his head and the skating frame landing on his lip, splitting it completely open.  7 hours later after ‘putting him under’ with a general anesthetic his lip was stitched together.  It has been a unprecedented, traumatic week but both boys have been amazing.

One thing is guaranteed, we will never forget this Mini Birthday Week!

Happy Birthday Bass and Einstein, we love you both tremendously!:):)

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