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More Nativity Peeks

The First Night – BG Hennessy
The night of His Birth, retold in very simple words, perfect for a 2 year old and yet also the simplicity of the words creates a sense of awe that draws in even an adult. Gentle Illustrations. 5 Star

The Little Drummer Boy – Ezra Jack Keats
Illustrated version of the Christmas Carol, each line has its own illustrated page.  The music is at the back.  Normally I’m not a fan of Keats’ artwork, but I love this book, soft and warm.  4.5 Star

Christmas in the Stable – Astrid Lindgren
A mother tells a girl the story of the first Christmas, the young girl imagines the scene in her own stable.  Swedish flavour. 3.5 Star

A Book of Christmas – Tasha Tudor
A small 3D overview of some of the Christmas story and a few traditions.  The fragileness of the 3D shapes make me nervous.
3 Star

The Nativity – Francesca Crespi
A simple retelling of the Christmas story, six attractive 3D tableaux with gilded pictures. The 3D shapes are sturdy enough not to make me nervous.  4.5 Star

The Tale of Three Trees – Angela Elwell Hunt
Three trees stand on a mountaintop dreaming of what they want to be when they grow up. God has a plan for them, soft illustrations. The story lends itself to either Christmas or Lent. 4.5 Star

The Legend of the Three Trees – Catherine McCafferty
Three trees have big dreams for their future. The olive tree wants to be a treasure chest, the oak hopes to be a might ship and the pine wants to stay on the mountain pointing to God.  However God has a much better plan for them.  Text slightly different to the above title,  these pictures don’t appeal as much, they have more of a cartoon look. 4.5 Star

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