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Taking Shape

Being a builder’s assistant doesn’t mean one can’t dress prettily.

It doesn’t hinder the ability to work at all:)

Due to rain progress on roofing the end section has slowed. Although we did manage to nail down the sarking and battens. (It’s currently covered with a tarp and I forgot to take photos beforehand)

We took the opportunity to turn our attention to installing the rest of the windows.

Big windows, letting in lots of light and air

I can see I’ll be spending alot of time just looking at the view:)

I believe I provided my boys with lots of amusement over my nervousness of dropping one of these windows.

Have I said already how proud of my husband I am? He has worked continuously without a rest for the last couple of months.

This row of windows looks over our bush and will catch the morning sun.
The piers in front are in readiness for our verandah.

Carpenter and PC managed to begin work on sarking the walls.
I can’t stop smiling:)

Whilst one team was working on windows, the other team moved pine boards undercover.

It’s never to young to learn the value of work;)

Team 2 organiser did a great job.

Lending the younger ones a hand.

Meanwhile another timber load was ready to go, but had to be towed up the hill due to the rain’s effect on the road.

A load of poles! The mill should be happy with this load:)

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