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My Daybook: April 10th, 2015

Outside my window…
the sky is lightening as the day ‘grows older’, the children are beginning to awaken

I am thankful…

  • to have had five precious days with our boys and Carpenter’s girlfriend home.  Always a busy time when our lads are home, creating many memories within a short period of time
  • to have been able to celebrate our Einstein’s 18th birthday, all together
  • that Jelly Bean’s injuries weren’t worse than they were! They could have been very easily. Praise the Lord they weren’t!

I am thinking…
my brain is always revolving, many thoughts swirl about, today’s include:

  • household projects, plans and possibilities
  • lesson direction for Term 2
  • photography dreams
  • thoughts of Anna Maria far from home in England

Learning all the time…
Easter holidays here, we have a 2 week break.  I was considering only taking one as the end of term was rather disrupted but… there are many household projects that that could do with attention

Celebrating the liturgical year……
we survived the Easter Triduum, always a huge week for us, with four Masses/services in three days, including serving practices for our boys, and this year the practice for the enacting of the Station of the Cross on Good Friday, plus the organising of costumes

From the kitchen…
multiple pavlovas and cheesecakes have been on the menu, with salads and cold meats and chocolate, way too much chocolate

I am creating…
all about upcycling clothes still. I really scored at the opshops this week for myself, altering larger stretch knit skirts and dresses into smaller sizes for myself, easy project

I am working on…
turning my house ‘upside down’ well that is when I settle on a plan.  I want to move the ‘toyroom’ to a different location, but which room to switch about… the games room? the learning room? perhaps even the library or study?? Ah the luxury of having multiple rooms, I’m blessed indeed

I am going…
to my brother’s engagement party tomorrow, dress code is cocktail, needing to google what ‘cocktail’ looks like for PC and the children

I am hoping…
for a hugely productive Term 2. It just feels as if the ‘years are running away’, already we have graduated three children and I’m highly conscious that Michelangelo will be 16 in three months and he’ll be graduating before I know it too


I am praying…
for our beloved daughter far from home in England, praying she is creating marvelous memories

I am pondering….
body image, a discussion, led to a realisation, more thoughts on that coming soon

I am reading…
recently read A Spoonful of Sugar – Brenda Ashford
Written by a 91 year old lady who was a nanny in Britain for 62 years!!!! Absolutely fascinating and interesting

I am listening to……
downloads of Read Aloud Revival podcasts on reading, needing to rejuvenate our commitment to quality literature here, sadly we’ve slipped into too much twaddle

I am hearing…
as I type I have youtubes of ‘..Got Talent’ shows running as background music. I enjoy listening to beautiful singing voices as they are ‘discovered’

I am struggling…
with motivation, not sure if it’s energy or self-discipline that’s the problem

Clicking around…
I’ve discovered Instagram!! Oh Instagram love, I’m drawn to photos of children, providing me with plenty of inspiration and ideas for improvement

Around the house…
house extension work has drawn to a halt, we’re needing to plan the next step, my choice is to lay floorboards over the floor sheeting in a few more rooms, PC is thinking packing piers to prepare for the new decking section in preparation for laying a new roof over the ‘old section’, stay tuned, to see which direction

One of my favorite things…
family, always family:)
Not only did we have 5 days with our two oldest lads and special lass, but PC’s mother and some of my siblings were able to join us for Einstein’s birthday.  My two sisters and our two youngest brothers, it’s not often all three of ‘us girls’ are together and with just the youngest two boys it was a different dynamic.  Though the other three ‘boys’ were missed

A few plans for this week…

  • engagement party tomorrow
  • massive shed clean up too, PC has requested help to clean his shed, oh be still my heart! I love restoring order up there:)
  • restore regular routine to our household and catch up on sleep. With the boys home there have been way too many late nights, partying 24/7
  • returning all children to their bedrooms, 8 family members staying over for differing lengths of time during the past five days has meant revolving children in and out of their beds, it’s time for order to be returned



A little peek at my day…

  • our boys left at 6am this morning, praying throughout the day for their safety on the road
  • beginning some of my holiday projects, first up is creating tags for the toyboxes
  • fixing my sewing machine, if I can, it seized up last night whilst I was altering a skirt
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  • Bron Maxabella

    I'm loving seeing you #inthepicture so much this month, Erin. As usual, you have packed it full to the brim with good stuff. May I suggest that your motivation issue is most definitely an energy thing!! I've been thinking of your dear girl away in England. I bet she is learning so much about herself and the world. x

    • Erin

      I have you to thank for the motivation, I realised through your linkup I was always behind the camera.
      Probably is energy, but..I'm feeling better this week:)
      She's in London now, what a busy place to be!

  • The Provincial Homemaker

    You look so happy! Would love to see how you have altered the clothing from the op-shop – it sounds like and admirable project. Hope the rhythm and motivation issues resolve themselves for you in the coming weeks. But, my motivation has been sadly absent for quite some time – I have trouble just making the time to do reading fundamentals with Ginger. As she is only in 'preschool' that is the only school work we are attempting to get done this year.

    • Erin

      Will do a post for you:) Just having a few sewing machine issues atm
      Motivation is good this week, turning the house upside down:)
      Encouraging you with Ginger, set yourself a goal of just 5 mins {}

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