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My Daybook: February 17th, 2016

Outside my window…

the paddocks and skyline are covered by a smoke haze, the smell of smoke is strong, fires are burning on the distant mountains. We are in the fire ban season, fires are always a concern at this time of the year


dybk feb 1


I am thankful…

for my husband, our children, our families, our friends, our lifestyle, always thankful I never take my blessings for granted

I am thinking…

about what an all encompassing responsibility parenting is, when I ponder on the trust He has placed in us to nurture and guide our precious ones I’m rather daunted

Learning all the time…

we’re well into the swing of the new school year and diligence is paying dividends. Our focus continues to be Language Arts this Term as it was last. The progress made and quality of the children’s writing is impressive, not only are PC and I delighted but the children are too. Accolades to include Spelling Wisdom, All About Spelling and All About Reading, love, love, love these programs


dybk feb 7


Celebrating the liturgical year……

Lent began last week and I’m pondering, is the fact that I am craving my choice of sacrifice often mean I’m being extra spiritually challenged or did I always give into my craving and didn’t realise the extent of my weakness. Lent is certainly a fantastic time to flex the self-denial muscles, I strongly believe in the need to practice self- denial it’s an important ‘skill’ needed in so many areas of life.  The spiritual often has practical application as well

From the kitchen…

I’m tentatively adding beef stock to my newly bone broth repertoire, pushing myself past fears and attempting to ‘do it’. Next step is to establish a regular rhythm to ensure I have these nourishing foods on hand at all times

I am creating…

the children’s yearbooks for 2015, yes I’m over a month behind schedule. Every year I gather the children’s written and art work together and bind it into their own personal books. I’ve been doing this for many years now and our children have a wonderful and tidy collection of their memorabilia


dybk feb 2



I am working on…

a list of odd jobs to be undertaken; yard jobs and some inside the house. Some of the children in particular need a regular physical ‘workout’ and fencing and establishing a garden will ‘fit the bill’

I am going…

to take Jack Jack to our local lifestock Markets this weekend to sell some of his chickens.  He has been hatching eggs in an incubator and raising chickens. Most of the chicks survive, but some haven’t for various reasons, it’s been a learning curve with plenty of life lessons


dybk feb 5


I am hoping…

that prayer petitions relating to our oldest three are granted. Parenting certainly changes with adult children; whilst you continue to pray, seek to give guidance and advice, and we are fortuante that ours listen respectfully, ultimately they are uniquely themselves and they need to forge their own way forward

I am praying…

for a dear friend whose life is about to drastically change. Her courage and compassion is an inspiration, it’s a privilege to be her friend. Waiting to hear whether this change is happening or not is reminiscent of pacing and praying for friends whilst they are in labour; what will be the outcome, it’s a mixture of nervousness and excitement


I am pondering….

how over the last several years media has been continually and blatantly manipulating the masses. They clearly have an agenda and the social engineering is plainly obvious


dybk feb 4


I am reading…

this year much of my reading has been re-visiting children’s books. Periodically I go through a season of needing to ‘rest my brain’  and just enjoy children’s literature. I’ve been reading a stack of Biggles and Redwall books


I am listening to……

various podcasts whenever I have a spare moment, mostly while waiting for children at after school activities. I have a ‘line up’ awaiting, haven’t yet listened to all these but planning to try;

Read Aloud Revivial – Hands down my favourite, motivating and professional

Delectable Education – Really keen to listen to these

What Should I Read Next? – Book chat with Modern Mrs Darcy, hoping they are good

Smart Passive Income – Haven’t listened yet but hoping for some blog direction

A Slob Comes CleanRecommended to me by loyal reader and commentator Sarah. I listened to a couple, always love a good de-clutter story, however the speaker takes soo long to get to the point and the podcasts were more about housecleaning. So didn’t quite grab me, but thanks for the rec Sarah 🙂

Anyone have other podcasts to recommend?

I am hearing…

it’s early morning and everybody is asleep, I treasure the quiet times, soon I’ll wake the children for early morning Mass and the day will begin in earnest


dybk feb 3


I am struggling…

to be disciplined regards housework, it’s always a challenge to keep on top of housework once after school activities begin again. Juggling clean up times and energy levels along with lessons and extra curricula is always a constant effort, but I shall battle on as visual mess bothers me

Clicking around…

clicking time tends to be all things blogging at present, I’m still on a learning curve regards building my website and improving this space. Also making decisions on where to focus my energy and what direction I wish to to take my website. There are many fantastic websites on ‘how to’ blog and their owners are generous in sharing their knowledge, some writers though make me hyperventilate and some writing styles don’t suit.  Sharing a few whose writing I appreciate, if you have others you highly recommend I’d love to hear

Amy Lynn Andrews 

Beth Hayden

Blog Tyrant

Around the house…

planning how our library will look when completed. Decisions to make on placement of door position, window sizing, and placement, how many power outlets and what lighting would best suit a library


dybk feb 6


One of my favorite things…

reading to our children; currently reading Children of the New Forest to our teens and The Enchanted Wood to our younger set.  Re-reads for both books, visiting old and dear friends

A few plans for this week…

we are well and truly back into the rhythm of extra curricula activities which include; speech lessons, swimming lessons, swim squad, akido, practices for two different choirs and practices for a musical.  Michelangelo is our chauffeur for everywhere, he is concentrating his energies in accumulating sufficient hours to sit for his Provisional License in a few months

A little peek at my day…

our busiest day of the week today; Early Morning Mass, then lessons, homeschool choir, swim lessons and swim squad, fruit and veg shopping, church choir and practice for the musical

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  • Sherelle

    Lent, yes. Always an adjustment just to eat 1 main meal and 2 smaller meals a day, no snacking, even without “giving up” something. The children especially “love” basic foods only in the house – no cakes, biscuits, ice cream etc.
    I relate to the constant struggle of housework. That’s one of my Lenten objectives, an orderly house before escaping outside!
    Thanks to the Read-Aloud-Revival recommendations, we are reading The Green Ember. It’s the first time the children have asked for two chapters each night. Edge-of-your-seat stuff.

    • Erin

      Children amaze me with how disciplined they are with Lenten sacrifices, they don’t seem to struggle like adults 😉
      See that’s the secret, linking the jobs to an event. No clean house, no going outside but being disciplined in ensuring that happens is the catch.
      So pleased you’re listening to the podcasts 🙂 Haven’t got the Green Ember, sounds like we must get it 🙂

  • Sarah

    Ooh – I’m not familiar with some of these podcasts. Can’t wait to check them out. A good podcast makes chore-time a treat. On the A Slob Comes Clean note, yes! She can be very wandery (and the themes really start to repeat about 20 podcasts in, even though she’s up to 80). I think I find her digressive tone oddly comforting because my Mom is just such a meandering speaker so it’s kind of like having her familiar background chatter as I clean :P. I’ve been getting so many good book recommendations off of What Should I Read Next and like that it pushes me outside my usual reading lines into unfamiliar territory. Like you, I adore Read Aloud Revival, too.

    • Erin

      Do let me know what you think of the podcasts. Glad you understood what I was trying to express re the Slob. Finally begun listening to What Should I Read Next, think I’m going to find it very useful. But it’s a sacrifice as I have so many RAR to catch up on!

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