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My Daybook: February 3rd, 2015

Outside my window…
a cool day, thank goodness

I am thankful…
for religious freedom, which I think many of us are too complacent about

I am thinking…
about courtesies, etiquette, hospitality and kindness

Learning all the time…
back into the ‘full swing’, haven’t quite found a regular rhythm yet and struggling to ensure I spend time with each child daily, particularly the older children.  I suspect the solution is to fit more studying time into our afternoons, now to gather all on board with that..

Celebrating the liturgical year……
attending a seminarian friend’s diaconate ordination next week, and the following night our Bishop is offering a Pontifical High Mass in our Cathedral. Needing to consider the logistics.

From the kitchen…
hearing the gasping death rattle of the freezer, so I could be quite busy…

I am creating…
a podcast sometime within the fortnight. I’m not nervous about being a guest, talking is never a problem for me but I am concerned about talking too fast.  Many listeners are American and I understand Aussies talk too fast and don’t enunciate correctly, what if listeners don’t understand me.  I think I’ll make a placard to remind myself “slow down, speak clearly”

I am working on…
being consistent with bedtimes.  Scoring a ‘bullyseye’ with the younger boys:) which is fantastic as they weren’t getting enough sleep.  Still not scoring a win with the teens, nor am I getting enough sleep, too many books to read;)

I am going…
to two nieces weddings in the space of three weeks next month! Both weddings will have the same guests. I really, really need to buy a formal dress/es. What do you think, is it acceptable to wear the same dress to each?

I am hoping…
that the weight keeps falling off me. I went gluten and dairy free just before Christmas, certainly saw some results in overall health and a little weight loss but nothing substantial.  A week ago I ‘upped the ante’ went dairy, grain and sugar free and the weight is just falling off!!  I’ve long known that grains aren’t really good for me, but once again I see that sugar is what keeps the weight on.
Sharing a Bass(3) funny: In an effort to have a treat on hand I’ve made homemade ice blocks: mango, strawberry, banana and coconut milk.  Bass is crazy about ice blocks and was nagging me for a shop ice block from the freezer. I said ‘no’ but offered him one of mine. He wailed, “No they are sugar free!”

I am praying…

  • for all suffering religious persecutions
  • for religious freedom
  • for our children’s various needs
  • for our seminarian friend who is to be ordained next week

I am pondering….
healthy boundaries.  One of the most pivotal books I ever read was Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How To Say No, made such a difference in my life, advice I continually touch base with.  Sadly I long ago lost my copy when I lent it out but the knowledge stays with me

I am reading…
so much, an average of nearly fifteen books a month, writing a list was so helpful. The last fortnight I read:
Past Suspicion – Therese Heckenkamp – Young Catholic lit; Loved it!
In The Company of Others – Jan Karon – A Father Tim novel; Disappointingly boring
Light From Heaven – Jan Karon – A Mitford Years; Pleasant read
White Fire – Douglas Preston – Crime; A new genre for me, not pleasant but well written
Blue Labyrinth – Douglas Preston – Crime; sequel to the above, also well written, though I’m still mostly ‘in the dark’ re family relationships
Evergreen Falls – Kimberley Freeman – Australian history/romance lit; Mostly interesting, though skimmed a bit due to adult themes and it was a bit boring in parts

I am listening to……
a couple of podcasts, yes I’m a bit late to the party but thought if I’m going to be a guest I better check it all out.  Rather relieved, I’ve just got to talk, that I can do;)

I am hearing…
children playing on their computers around me, minecraft is the game of the day

I am struggling…
to take one day at a time.  Only February and I can already see commitments, organisation, planning, decisions etc rapidly building up.  As always a juggle between focusing on the moment and starting a few plates spinning for when later arrives. Currently I’m kind of pretending my commitments don’t exist and if I ignore them they’ll go away, though I can’t do that for long..

Clicking around…

  • just trying to keep up with my feedly, though it’s constantly changing, have found a few new Aussie blogs lately
  • also spent time here trying to install a commenting system, tried disqus, tried livefryre, couldn’t get either to work, gave up and turned on threaded comments, not my favourite choice but the best I could manage
  • needing to make a decision re daybook, thinking once a fortnight is too much, I’ll probably go back to only one a month, what do you think?

Around the house…
very satisfied with our big clean up outside on the weekend.  The deck, verandahs and surrounding ground are looking good.  We had so much rubbish we needed to borrow the neighbour’s bin, thankfully he’s happy for us to use his bin when needed.

One of my favorite things…
Our children, simply, our children.  These years are rushing past and I’m treasuring the moments.  I really, really understand now when you’re bailed up down the street and exhorted to “Treasure these years, they’re the best years and they go so fast” yep, I know

A few plans for this week…
swimming lessons twice a week for three children, dance lessons over three days each week for five children. Translating to three afternoons in town, pretty happy with that. We’re giving tap dancing a go and the children are very keen

A little peek at my day…
Tap lessons begin for the younger boys today, I’m certain they are going to love it:)

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  • Anonymous

    Love getting a peak at your busy life! Maybe you can solve your dress dilemma but borrowing one from a friend or wearing different coloured shoes & accessories?? Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Hi I love reading your blog. It occurred to me that as you are eating, dairy, grain free etc, you may be interested in a book called "Eat Right for you Type" by DR Peter J D'Adamo. It is based on blood types and the different needs of that blood group. It might give you some ideas or insight that might help you. I have tried just a few changes from this book and they have really made a difference.

    • Erin

      Have read that book:) Though I put it aside as too hard with so many people in our family. But interested to hear it has made a difference for you. What did you do?

  • Sarah

    How fun that you'll be on a podcast! Don't worry, I've never yet listened to an Australian speaking and been unable to understand :). We have the same questions within the U.S. regions though. My mother comes from Connecticut in New England where speech is somewhat flat and nasal ("qwaater" instead of "quarter") and very very rapid. When she first moved to Illinois in the Midwest everyone kept having to ask her repeat herself because she spoke twice as fast as they did. Now I live in the South, where speech is slow and drawly. It's caused my own pronunciation and pacing to gradually shift. Now whenever I go back home to the Midwest for a visit everyone makes fun of me! Does Australia have regional accents? In our age of movies it's often hard to figure out what the "real" accent is for different places. The American accents in British and BBC shows are almost always pronounced by British actors. It probably sounds authentic to Brits, but the fake American accents sound so awful and off-kilter to us that we're diving for couch cushions to hold over our ears. Meanwhile, Hollywood productions usually only have one accent for all of England (estuary English), or perhaps two if they're using cockney accents as well. Australians are also portrayed with one uniform accent. It's funny how media falsely shapes our perceptions of the world!

    • Erin

      That's reassuring. Australians don't have quite the regional differences you do, though slightly for some areas. What can be different occasionally is the meanings of various words ie, tea, dinner and supper can mean diff meals/snacks for different regions. Or differences in names ie swimmers, tog, cossies and bathers all same meaning, different names.
      Mostly Australians do have very similar accents, though some areas sound a little more 'English' and others more 'country', more like the Paul Hogan sound in Crocodile Dundee.

  • Mary

    Thanks for the reminder and success about sugar. We are old friends and foes- sugar and me! Lent gives me the chance to give me the upper hand, added purpose?
    I'd love to hear your podcast.
    And the dress suggestion about changing accessories is a good one.

  • Mary @ Better Than Eden

    Hmm…if you can do it, I'd get a new dress or borrow. You could try to change the one up with accessories but it might be fun to get one if it's not a budget strain. How fun about the podcast! I'm looking forward to hearing about it! And love the kangaroo pic!

  • Renee Wilson

    Tap lessons for the boys! How gorgeous. I'm sure they'll love it. Good to hear you're still trucking on with the wheat, dairy and sugar free diet. I've been doing a similar thing on a detox and I feel so much better without that stuff. I am much less bloated.

  • Bron Maxabella

    Be sure to share that podcast with us all! Your placard idea is a good one – a gentle reminder always helps me slow down too.

    I honestly have no idea how you manage to smash through an average of 15 books a month, Erin. I am lucky to get three in and I read super fast! You honestly amaze me. x

    • Erin

      I will do. Having the skype session next Wednesday.
      Well I'm still breastfeeding, so that's where some time occurs and I read every night. I'm also a very fast reading.

  • Anonymous

    Keep going with your grain and sugar free diet; it works well, even if it is hard with a family.
    What do the rest of your family do? Are they gluten/dairy/grain/sugar free?
    Maybe you could share some of your favourite recipes?? It is nice to share some 🙂
    May God bless your beautiful family!

    • Erin

      I only have one daughter and myself on the diet, though many meals are grain/dairy and sugar free anyhow. Only about 2 meals where we tweak with alternatives.
      I could share a week's menu if that would help you?

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