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My Daybook: March 3rd, 2014

Outside my window…
all is quiet, it is early morning, the only sound I can hear is a chook(chicken) clucking

I am thankful…

  • for healthy, happy children
  • for my darling husband
  • for my health. My wrists have been very painful for the past three months, I’ve wondered if I’ve been developing osteoarthritis, anyhow the pain is lessening. 

I am thinking…

  • about how to develop skills in a way to capture keen interest
  • about screen rules, what’s working and what needs tweaking
  • about discipline and self-discipline, the need and the implementation

 Learning all the time…

  • reading is coming along at a galloping pace! By mid-year I’m certain both Jelly Bean and Jack Jack will be independently reading chapter books. Hooray!!
  • writing will be my focus this week for all children at their various levels.  All needing encouragement and supervision.

Celebrating the liturgical year……
Feast of St Kieren this week, we’ll read our book and send nameday wishes to my brother:)

From the kitchen…
ripe bananas to be used up again, though wanting to bake something a little different, perhaps banana pie.

I am creating…
my plan is to make a couple of nightgowns for the girls, but the mending pile is taunting me, so I’ve begun neither.

I am working on…
covering books, yes I have a compulsion to cover books in book plastic

I am going…

  • to the doctor’s this week to have my stitches (6 of them) removed.  I had a localised cancer (like a sun spot) removed last week.
  • to a friend’s for a visit to talk books:)

I am hoping…
to have a wonderfully successful week regards; education, housework, mothering moments and self-discipline

I am praying…

  • for our newly engaged niece and her fiance
  • for our College children who begin their new College year today
  • for those discerning the priesthood and all our seminarians
  • for our new deacon and our parish priests

I am pondering….
prayer rhythms, what works and what doesn’t for us

I am reading…
Biggles, I had been reading adult fare, though now I’ve exhausted my pile, yes library visit needed posthaste.

I am listening to……
the children have been constantly playing soundtracks from Frozen

I am hearing…
children beginning to wake up

I am struggling…
with nothing that self-discipline won’t fix

Clicking around…
nothing other than my usual blog visits.  Last week I participated in Jen’s 7 posts in 7 days challenge which translates to stricter online use.

Around the house…
looking good.  After having a pity party last week about the state of our house, I mobilised the troops, we cleaned up and have maintained a state of cleanliness.

One of my favorite things…
photography, but I have been rather remiss, not taking as many photos as I had intended, striving to be more diligent

A few plans for this week…

  • renewal for approval visit from the Board of Studies.  Thinking I might try something different, normally I print off posts from my learning blog, but it seems like extra work.  I’m just going to sit my AP (approved person) in front of the screen.
  • attending Mass to celebrate Ash Wednesday, Lent begins this week

A little peek at my day…

lessons, housework, hopefully a nature walk and always baby love:)
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  • Renee Wilson

    Wow. So you only have a little bit going on in your life then 😉 You sounds very happy and blissful, even though there are things like your wrists which must be bringing you down. I love hearing about your life. It is so different from mine. I wouldn't have a clue where to start making a nightie 🙂

  • Erin

    Not a broken record at all, I'd been thinking about wheat and sugar, forgot the nightshade. and thanks happy to know you enjoy the updates:)

    It was really lovely, been too long!

    Aw thanks:){}

    I so give thanks, and you too, we are both so blessed{}

    I am:):) Why thank you and I enjoy reading your life and thoughts, you wrote the other day about running off to the beach and I kept thinking about what fun all day. As for the nightie well I've only done one once before which is part of my procrastination. I taught myself to sew when I had our first.

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