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No More ‘Big House’ and ‘Little House’

Last August we laid a walkway  between the ‘big house’ and the ‘little house’.  Boxing Day we began the task of making one house, this area will be our new kitchen and dining area.

The carport had to be removed first,
we were rather hampered by the rain and the weather forecast predicted rain for several more days.

The iron had to come off

So that the battens could come down

and the posts pulled up.

This frame has been our temporary wall for months, it is now moved and laid down for now.

We could then cut the floor sheeting

and nail it down.

Next, part of the wall on the ‘little house’  was torn down,

a filthy, sweaty job.

fortunately we had keen demolition helpers.

What a change, so much lighter and cooler.

The ‘temporary wall’  is now moved to the front on a 90 degree angle from its previous position. An instant front wall.

Securing in place

and double checking for precision.

One front wall complete!!

Now for the first time PC gets to make a frame himself

I  admit to being extremely impressed with his ability and incredible precision.

One back wall being moved into place

and being screwed down.

Back wall complete!

PC then made a temporary skillion roof, recycling the carport materials.  This roof will likely be here for months before the final roof goes on. 

We then nail the recycled iron on.

Eventually the gable roof will continue for the complete length of the house.

The sarking is then nailed down.  Can you see why I joke I need roller blades?

Sarking continues us the height of the house.

Front front wall complete!  Cladding will be later when the rains stop.

One back walk complete too!
No photos of the sarking and window going in as this was done one night in the dark,  in the midst of the flood with the continual torrential rain.
The piers are ready for our deck.  Both sliding doors open onto our ‘al fresco’ dining area with fantastic views of the bush.

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