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An Oasis in the Desert

Day 7 –  Thursday 25th August


Thursday morning ‘the boys’ enjoyed themselves gutting the kitchen of my brother’s rental property.  A property of rather eclectic colours, including red skirting boards and purple and green walls.  First though the kitchen had to be destroyed.   All were thoroughly delighted with their morning’s endeavours.




The afternoon saw us walking past the nearby Mt Isa Mines to the  new 5 Million dollar Water Park mostly funded by the Mines.





Water tunes that played, fountains that sprang up,






cannons to shoot,




arches to run under,






spray to dodge





the children were enthralled.




We enjoyed hours of fun over the week, one of our favourite places in Mt Isa.






There was an area for the little ones





although some big children enjoyed the area too.




Of course some ‘big children’ were needed;)






They ran and played on every item in the park.






With swings for children in wheelchairs.




and for the babies, all were catered for:)






There was also plenty for the older children

and cousins and uncles could be together.











Countdown for Anna Maria’s birthday had begun, but never too old to enjoy oneself.















“Have we tried everything?”


A skate path circling the park and a skate area also provided more fun.






This awesome 20 metre double flying fox  was hugely popular.


Totally, totally impressive!!

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