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Our Very Own Games Room

We sheeted the games room months ago and since then PC has been intermittently plastering the games room,

our walk in robe and the hallway.  A huge section of the house to tackle all at once.

Last weekend PC’s hard labour finally came to fruition and he was able to paint the games room.  Such an exciting moment:)  He has done a magnificent job of plastering this ceiling!

He was so determined to finish this room he painted late into the night.  To see this room that has essentially been a timber yard and catch all for building supplies become a ‘real room’ has been thrilling to say the least.

Just looking at this room gives me much pleasure, and I know it will be a room to be used often in the years to come.  It is already seeing much use.

The pool table is the central focus, but it also houses the screen for the wii, playstation and x-box.  The lounges of course add comfort and are already seeing much use.

The white cupboard to the right is our games cupboard, lots of favourite board games to enjoy on our new games table(front right).  This beautiful, new, circular table is just perfect for this corner and so inviting.

Our walk in robe also stands ready, waiting for me to finish designing what shelves, drawers etc I want.  PC is keen to begin building them:)  Oh I’m a blessed woman.

Once again, another excellent job PC!!

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