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    I’m in Print!

    Recently I was asked to participate in a interview for Otherways, an Australian Home Education magazine. A few times I’ve been a guest poster on blogs but this was the first time I’ve been asked for a print article!  I was rather nervous, but I gave it my ‘best shot’, and now my interview is in print! Sharing part of the interview with you, for the full interview check out this month’s Otherways.  What are the biggest challenges you face as a home educator? With a wide age spread of children to educate, meeting the needs of all is a juggle. Not only the logistics but the mental mind shifts…

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    Sharing Over……

    Today I am sharing over at Carrots for Michalmas about rather a personal topic, one that needs to be talked about and yet due to the nature of the subject matter doesn’t often get a lot ‘of airing’. Haley has been courageous enough to open the discussion. So I’ve taken a big breath and nervously shared part of our journey in using Natural Family Planning.

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    Still Chatting Elsewhere

    Recently I began a conversation over at And Then There Were Four about ‘teaching helping skills.’  The conversation  has continued and concludes “It is heartening indeed when your children take ownership in their jobs, not only completing it to satisfaction but having a real sense of pride in their ability.” I’d love to thank Multiple Mum for inviting me to be a guest poster at her blog, truthfully it was harder than I thought, writing in someone else’s space is different to writing in your own, but I was so honoured to be asked I gave it my ‘best shot’.

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    Chatting Elsewhere Today

    One of the amazing benefits of the blogging community is finding like minded spirits, one such blogger for me is And then there were four.  Multiple Mum is an Aussie blogger who ponders aloud, about life, community, her love for her children and general deep thoughts about everything, simply, I enjoy MM’s conversations and know if we ever were blessed to meet we’d have lots to say. Imagine my delighted surprise and honour when Multiple Mum asked me to be a guest poster at her blog!  Today I’m over there chatting about ‘teaching helping skills’. “Studies increasingly point to the importance that chores play in self-identity, self-esteem, work ethic and the formation of habits…

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    Writing Elsewhere Today

    Today I’m honoured to be featured at Learning Alongside in April’s running ‘Interview with a Home Educator series.’ April posed some real reflective questions such as; Why did you choose to home educate your children?  Do you follow a particular learning style/philosophy? Has there been any major obstacle you have had to overcome to pursue homeschooling? and What is one piece of advice that you would give to a new homeschooling parent?  If you haven’t already discovered my answers to these do pop on over, and be sure to read the previous interviews with other Aussie bloggers.   A great way to find more Aussie home ed bloggers, best of all April…

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    Christmas Guest Post Series

    ……Christmas in Australia falls in the height of Summer, some Christmases our temperatures can soar as high as 44 Celsius/111 Fahrenheit. In our town which is not far from the beach, the majority of the residents move for the six weeks of the school holidays to the beach and spend their Christmas morning in a tent or beach shack……… I am guest posting today over at Conservamom’s, part of a Christmas guest post series, come on over.