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    Hosting A Lending Library: Wattle Gum Library

    I was recently interviewed on Plumfield and Paideia, as part of their ongoing series: Meet the Librarians.  I’m chatting about my latest venture, owning and hosting a Lending Library; Wattle Gum Library.for my local homeschoolers.  I’m truly loving operating a Lending Library, I’ve achieved so much already with a growing number of patrons,  an online catalogue, a complete reorganisation of my library and more improvements every evolving.   Head over for the full interview, but sharing some teasers here: What are your earliest memories of books and reading? Was there a particular book or event that really made you a reader? I don’t recall a time when I couldn’t read,…

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    Covering Paperbacks With Book Plastic

    Covering Paperbacks with Book Plastic Covering books with book plastic is something I’m rather passionate about. All books are fair game; paperbacks, hardcovers and ones with dust jackets. Quality book covering protects books, it keeps them attractive and durable for decades.  As a child I watched my mother covering books, wrestling with builder’s plastic from the local hardware store. Decades later I have many of those books on my shelves, still well protected by their plastic. Chatting today about covering paperbacks with book plastic.   Book Plastic: PVC Over two decades ago as I began building our family library, I was keen to provide our books with the same care…

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    Covering Books With Plastic: Dust Jackets

    Covering Books With Plastic: Dust Jackets. Amongst my friends I have a reputation for being rather passionate about covering books, all books, with quality book plastic. I’m ahem, known for borrowing a book off a friend and returning it covered, some friends visit with their books wanting me to cover, and I have been known to lend books only on the condition my friend covers the book whilst in her keeping, handing her a slip of plastic as she leaves. Paperback, hardcover, dust jackets I cover them all, covering protects books, keeps them attractive and more durable. I remember my mother covering books when I was a child, wrestling with…

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    Reading Goals: 2015

    Reading for me is a passion, it’s simply a non-negotiable, some people must eat chocolate, I must read, well I must consume chocolate too;) I learnt to read at the age of four (so my mother informs me) and I’ve devoured print ever since. I’m a fast reader and I’m voracious, reading an average of 200+ books a year. Once upon a time I used to be more choosy in my selections, or at least included some substance with the fluff but for the last few years I’ve, um been reading less substantial matter, so it’s time to give myself some direction to aid in ‘taking it up a notch…

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    Year in Books 2014: Highlights

    I always enjoy the book chat that abounds at this time of the year. Casting a look over my own Goodreads I see that once again I’ve read at least 200 books during the past year, as I wasn’t always diligent in recording I know I read more. Taking a look at your readings in its yearly entirety can be a little sobering, this year I’ve read way too much light fiction, plenty of mysteries and a little too much Christian romance.  Though I did find towards the end of the year some novels with substance and also discovered the pleasures of some light Catholic literature and dabbled a little with health and diet books.  I…

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    Library Opening Day Finally Arrives!

    Finally “No more sleeps”, the long awaited day arrived yesterday.  Our town’s brand new library is open.  Jelly Bean and Jem had the distinction of being the first members of the public through the doors too! With the other children following closely. We immediately headed to the children’s section.  Light, spacious and inviting.  No longer will I have to whisper a story, concerned that noise will carry downstairs like it did in the old library, for a few years now I’ve been reserving online as visiting the library was too stressful with little boys and their noise.  I can easily see us relaxing in this space, so excited! At the…

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    2013 Year in Books: Highlights

    Reflections posts on ‘Books Read in 2013’ are beginning to appear in my feedly,  some of my favourite type of chats.  Goodreads record I have read 200 books this year so I’m joining the chatter.  As 200 is a fair amount I’ve chosen a few highlights from each month to share, focusing on adult literature. January Kate Shackleton’s mysteries, were a new find, which I thoroughly enjoyed The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh was completely thought provoking. February Discovered Anna Jacobs and began her Swan River Saga with The Trader’s Wife. I’m always a fan of well written Australian historical novels. March Continued reading Anna Jacob’s historical novels. Discovered Daisy Dalrymple’s…

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    Book Bargains

    Saturday saw Princess and I attending a local book sale.  We scored 5 bags of books for $6!!  We only paid for one bag at the unbelievable price of $6 a bag, incredibly all children’s books are free!!   Our most exciting find was a copy of Exodus by Brian Wildsmith and Walking to School by Ethel Turner.   Plenty of chapter books, some known to us, some new ones. Yes, there is some twaddle there, we compromise sometimes, also some fantasy that I’m uncertain about. A great morning and we can’t wait to attend again early January, where there will be 10+pallet loads of culled library books waiting.

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    My Book Love

    Visitors to our home instantly realise that books are an integral part of our family culture, as would readers of my blog:)  I simply cannot remember a time I have not loved the printed word. Family folklore is, I taught myself to read at the age of 4, this must be true as I remember reading before Kindergarten.  So when Sue asked me to discuss books including my childhood favourites I simply don’t know where to stop, I have so many!  I just love it when my children love my favourites, and am equally devastated when they don’t!!  An exciting part of sharing our book love is finding new favourites together too:)…