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    Don’t Say Boo To A Goose

    I’ve been keen for several months to get back into the flow of a Book and Activity.  So when I read Don’t Say Boo to A Goose by Mem Fox this week it was time. The collage illustration of the goose was perfect for a creation and we dived in to enjoy a new activity. I’m embarrassed to admit how long it’s been since we’ve enjoyed doing A Book and Activity. Apparently it’s been nearly two years, although there’s a possibility we have  but not recorded it. Although nearly two years is likely accurate. A quick google search and we gathered the materials needed; paper plates and feathers. This is what…

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    A Fishy Activity

    It’s been months since we enjoyed A Book and Activity, so when Bass asked for a craft activity I obliged. Searching Pinterest for inspiration I found Rainbow Fish Craft. Template was supplied and only paint and celery sticks were needed. A fish craft was entirely doable. Looking through our picture books I found, The Rainbow Fish – Marcus Pfister.  Years ago I read Elizabeth Esther’s thoughts about redistribution and since then I’ve been uncomfortable with the author’s intent. I can’t find the post but EE has a satirical video which I haven’t yet watched. After reading I asked Bass, “What did you think of the book?” He answered “I didn’t…

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    Leaping into Literature

    Next week our holidays draw to a close and we begin the final term of the year.  As I contemplated what direction I wished our studies to take in the next 10 week block I knew I needed to be realistic, we have three indisputable factors that create a major impact.  I am now in my final trimester with baby due two days before term ends (and babies have their own timetables), Advent begins in December bringing its own rhythm, and it is spring/summer which means extreme heat, distraction and pleas for more swimming time!! Yet I am determined that we conclude the year well, stretching abilities and learning deeply…

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    After reading Pobblebonk by Gary Fleming this week we suddenly were inspired to create A Book & Activity craft, I love spontaneity:) A quick search through Pinterest revealed a frog puppet and we were set. Recently I had added a few craft supplies to our grocery shop including paper plates and bags in preparation for many crafts. I admit the legs should have been thinner but the children didn’t care. Bass is now old enough to join in, he was so happy with his frog. Jelly Bean was the first to finish:) Jack Jack loves crafts of any kind, so pleased we made the time.

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    The Littlest Girl Was Madeline

    We’ve been rather occupied with learning to read of late so when the children asked for ‘a book and activity‘, I was happy to oblige but had to do a last minute scramble.  Amongst a whole slew of books I read one morning were a few Madeline books, we enjoyed Madeline, Madeline’s Rescue and Madeline and the Bad Hat.  So Madeline was naturally our theme. Surprisingly Madeline crafts were hard to find, I did find an awesome hat craft but alas didn’t have the materials needed.  We considered making a paper Paris, or colouring, we decided to make Madeline toilet roll dolls. They soon had created these beauties, and all were happy.…

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    A Week With Mem Fox

    This  week during our Book & Activity time we focused on our collection of Mem Fox titles. Mem Fox’s books do not naturally attract me but as I’ve shared  previously, watching our children, particularly our emerging readers engage with her books has helped me develop a new appreciation of her writing. The first day we read Where is the Green Sheep?, Arabella the Smallest Girl in the World and The Magic Hat.  Making a ‘Magic Hat’ was a huge hit! The attention to detail and creativity was wonderful to watch, the children were so enthused!  Our Book & Activity time has become a treasured time each day (or rather every second day).   On our second day we read Shoes from Grandpa, Harriet You’ll…

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    Inspired by Our Koala Sighting

    Inspired by our koala sighting this week our ‘A Book & Activity’ was all about koalas.  Our readings included; Koala Lou by Mem Fox, Kolo the bush Koala(OOP) and Two-Thumbs the Koala by Leslie Rees.(OOP) The first day we made toilet paper roll Koalas. Next we enjoyed making origami koalas. On the third day we made movable koalas. Everybody enjoyed joining in once again and my enthusiasm continues to grow:) well it does about ‘a book & activity,’ I confess we didn’t manage all our more formal academics, so obviously I’m still a ‘work in progress’.

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    Nurturing My Lost Enthusiasm

    Home educating a wide age spread can be a challenge and sometimes there are casualties. For months now, one of our casualties has been our little ones, blush.  I had plans but they consisted of.. “I’ll read two picture books a day and…”  but we weren’t achieving much. For years I used to overplan, investing hours that seemed wasted as our plans always changed.  Attempting to change this situation I became more relaxed and let my planning go. We had a broad structure but no finer details.  However I’ve come the the realisation that planning created & fed  my enthusiasm. So it wasn’t wasted, it just translated differently. Over the…

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    ‘Traveling’ to Australia’s ‘Top End’

    This week we ‘traveled’ to the Northern Territory. Unfortunately we were unable borrow the core book, Nardika Learns to Make a Spear by Chris Fry but we used all the extension books:) Ernie Dances to the Didgeridoo – Alison Lester Ernie is a city boy who moves to the Arnhem Land for a year. He flies over the desert for hours, travels over the floodplains, crosses the East Alligator River and arrives in Arnhem Land. He writes back home to his friends telling of the seasons, of the everyday simple amusements, of the cultural life of the children of Arnhem Land. Interesting, informative and flows naturally. Held the attention of…