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    Tomie de Paola’s Christmas Titles

    When I was first introduced to Tomie de Paola I wasn’t an immediate fan, his artwork didn’t appeal to me.  However I did enjoy his Saint books so I gave him a ‘second chance’ and he became a familiar ‘friend’. We now have a number of his books including his Christmas titles.  Merry Christmas Strega Nona Strega Nona loves Christmas and has much preparation to undertake before she hosts a village party at her home.  Big Anthony wants to use magic, but Strega Nona replies, “No magic at Natale”. By the story’s conclusion Big Anthony demonstrates he has learnt Strega Nona’s message when he organises the village to surprise Strega…

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    Christmas Selections from Our Town Library

    As Advent is shortly around the corner I’ve been opening our Advent/Christmas book boxes and re-discovering old friends.  Many I have already shared at Aussie Book Threads and I have many more to share with you yet.   I thought for this post though, I’d share ones I borrow yearly from our local library.  Mmm must reserve before all my local friends click away;) Stephen’s Feast – Jean Richardson  A young page, Stephen travels with King Wenceslas in the cold and snow to take wood and food to a poor man’s dwelling by St Agnes’ fountain. The young thoughtless page is inspired to be more generous.  Based on the carol.…

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    Books for Saint Nicholas

    Happy Saint Nicholas:) Lots of excitement here today. We are celebrating with many yearly traditions including enjoying the following books: The Legend of Saint Nicholas by Demi An absolute must to have. Includes main events from St Nicholas’ life, full of information. The pictures are rich. Country Angel Christmas by Tomie DePaola Three little angels are the first to hear St Nicholas wants the country angels to plan the Christmas celebrations for all of Heaven.  However they are not needed until it is realised that the angels have forgotten the most important detail of all.  The Night Before Christmas-Clement Moore Although Santa Claus is not part of our Christmas celebrations…