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    Our Learning Spaces – Aussie NBTS

    Wrapping up this year’s Aussie NBTS Blog Hop by taking you on a tour of our Learning Spaces. Our home is a ‘house still under construction’, we are slowly melding ‘two houses’ together, some rooms are still awaiting their floorboards, the finishing touches are far from done and decorating is not my forte. However we’ve built our home ourselves and filled it with lots of love. We gather in our learning room to use the blackboard for various language arts instructions, and the younger children sit at the the desk for some of their lessons.  The smaller table on the right is used by our littlest ones.  The cupboards house the children’s…

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    Our Friendship Quilt

    Who have been your friends along your homeschooling journey? Sue has shared about friends who have influenced her as she has travelled along her Home Education journey and invites us to share about our friends. So to continue my story. When my mum began homeschooling it was the early 80s, home education then was perceived by many to be illegal in NSW, and mum was part of a spearhead movement of pioneering home educators.  Home educators who not only led the way in education but fought for legitimacy, for the rights of their children and future generations.  From my mother and other intrepid families I learnt much.  I learnt about standing by your convictions,…

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    Top ‘How To’ Homeschool Picks

    When I was a teenager and began reading homeschool material; I read John Holt, Raymond Moore, Mary Pride, the Colfaxes and Maria Montessori. These books certainly had a strong influence on forming my thoughts on homeschooling and continue to impact today. They will always stay a part of my library. Twenty years on there are so many more ‘homeschool books’ available. I was recently pondering which books I would advise recommend as, ‘must haves’ to a young mum investigating/beginning homeschooling. Today they would be: 1. Real Learning, by Elizabeth Foss Catholic, gentle, a must! My favourite:) 2. How to Homeschool, by Gayle Graham Makes homeschooling practical, doable and achievable. 3.…