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    Rhys Bowen Mysteries

    This week I’ve been enjoying some of Rhys Bowen‘s mysteries.  Rhys Bowen has written three different mystery series, featuring very different leading characters, all set in different countries and time periods. Some I’ve ‘met’ before, some are ‘new friends’. The Constable Evans series is set in rural Wales, possibly in the 1970s or 80s.  The main character is local constable Evan Evans, apparently the books are full of local characters and lots of mysteries to solve. Sadly our library doesn’t have any copies so I’ve yet to read any of these. The first Rhys Bowen books I read were her Royal Spyness mysteries. I totally enjoyed Bowen as a writer and couldn’t wait to…

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    Discovering New Mystery Series

    Always keen to find new book gems, I tend to devour a series or author once discovered, our children also have the same passionate approach to reading. This week I discovered a couple of  new mystery series, one of which was a pleasant read, the other was a little too slow. Murder on the Half Shelf – Lorna Barrett Tricia Miles the main character is the owner of ‘Haven’t Got A Clue’, a mystery bookstore in Stoneham, New Hampshire, America. She is an amateur sleuth and embarks upon solving yet another mystery, this one involves a long ago lover whom she thought dead. Characters sprinkled throughout the book include Tricia’s…

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    British Mystery Series – Roaring Twenties

    I’m  a huge fan of mysteries, an interest that began as a child reading Trixie Belden, Three Investigators and Enid Blyton.  Years on I discovered Agatha Christie and Father Brown, once I’d read all those titles the hunt has continued for other authors.  Over the years I’ve discovered some real gems (and some real duds), sharing some gems with you. Lately I’ve discovered and am enjoying a few series set just after World War 1.   In all three series the protagonist is a female investigator, in a time when roles for women were changing, a period of huge social change though it was still to take many battles before…