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    Catholic Fiction For Young Adults

    I’m always searching for quality literature and always excited to discover any Catholic fiction novels. Over the last month I’ve had the opportunity to read three Catholic novels particularly appealing to young ladies and loved all three! Which is impressive odds, as I read alot I can be a tough sell, rarely does a book get a 4 star from me. Erin’s Ring – Laura Pearl Erin’s Ring is an historical novel that ‘toggles’ between today and the yesterday of the 19th Century when so many Irish immigrated to America.  A young Catholic teen finds an inscribed Irish Claddagh ring half buried outside her Church one Sunday morning.  Thus begins…

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    Finding Grace

    Finding Grace – Laura Pearl Last year I was delighted when I won a copy of Finding Grace written by my friend Laura. Most excitedly it arrived just in time to be tucked into my hospital bag along with the Tim Tams (chocolate coated biscuits). As all mummas know, essentials for a stay in the maternity ward include chocolate and a brand new book to savour, for those moments when your newborn is asleep and you are slowly going mad looking at the walls of the maternity ward. Finding Grace will always be part of my memories of Bella’s birth, as in the 20 hours between Bella’s birth and when we booked…