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    Bella’s 2nd Birthday

    A few days before Christmas we celebrated our Bella’s 2nd Birthday. She keeps us on our toes this darling girl of ours; confident, independent, cheeky, energetic and loud but oh so loveable.  She is totally assured that the world revolves around her, she has 11 people who reassure her daily that it does!  The children immediately leap to carry out her every command.  Bella loves to sing on top note thankfully in tune, any hint of music and she begins to dance. She is talking with far more competence and far earlier than any of our other children (who were all late talkers). Currently her favourite occupation is changing outfits, easily 12…

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    Happy 18th Einstein!!!

    Happy 18th Einstein:):) xxxxx What a special day to share with our impressive young man You are unfailingly patient with your siblings a wonderful trait you apply to all you interact with   Blessed to have a few extended family members (26 for lunch) join us to help celebrate your birthday, which we celebrated on Easter Monday   We miss you greatly far away in the Big Smoke but feel privileged to see you grow in your new independence You and this bro, best mates, living together again We are so proud of the young man you are We love you immensely Son, Happy Birthday xxx

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    “Come As Your Favourite Animated Character”

     Mega Birthday week this week.  Jack Jack and Jelly Bean turned 8 & 10 respectively and Michelangelo 15.  We celebrated the younger two’s birthday with a themed party, “Come as your favourite animated character”.  Jack Jack was Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon).  His whole outfit was courtesy of op-shop hunting one afternoon, we really hit the ‘motherlode’; green leggings, green velvet top, a brown woolen scarf and a dressing gown, with which a bit of judicious ripping and hemming became a vest.  Fortunately his sister had a pair of boots that fit too.   Jelly Bean of course was Princess Anna from Frozen, our girls’ favourite movie. Wearing an…

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    Happy 18th Carpenter

    Happy 18th Carpenter{{{}}} Words simply cannot express how proud we are of the young man you have become and the direction you are taking.  In the last several months you have matured immensely, a door opened for you and you stepped forth in Faith, leaving home and beginning College.  You have impressed us with the decisions you have made and the way you have conducted yourself as a young Christian gentleman.  Well done Son, we love you so very much, we miss you daily but are so very happy for you{{{{{}}}}} Carpenter’s birthday was actually last week and we and a couple of his local friends headed down to the…

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    Mini Birthday Week 2013

    What a whirlwind week it has been, with our College ‘children’ home and the observance of all the Easter services. adding to the mix we celebrated 2 birthdays. On Good Friday Bass turned 2, we postponed his birthday and celebrated on Easter Sunday.  It is so surprising to realise our ‘baby’ is 2 already!  He is such a confident little boy, knowing he is so loved, always eager to be involved and never left out, although he happily plays on his own too.   Six days after Bass’ birthday we celebrated Einstein’s 16th birthday!!!  Einstein is such a mature young man who is often assumed to be older due to his demeanor, he has a…

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    Concluding Our Birthday Season 2012

    During the last fortnight we celebrated two more birthdays, thus concluding our birthday season for the year. Jem was sooo excited to celebrate his 4th birthday, he counted down for weeks, we could hardly believe the big day finally arrived. Happy Birthday to our adventurous lad who is in such a hurry to be a Big Boy. Princess was another who counted down excitedly for her 11th birthday, fortunately her big day finally dawned and lived up to her expectations. Beginning with presents, grandparents visit, clothes shopping and the traditional ice-cream parlour outing, topped by tea out at ‘the pub’ she danced through the day. Happy Birthday to our young lady, we look forward…

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    Happy Birthday Anna Maria

    Happy Birthday Anna Maria. Nineteen years ago you were born only a few days before Father’s Day, your Dad was so proud to be eligible for his first Father’s Day. The following years have bought forth many more proud moments.  You are an incredibly impressive young woman, your talents, your strength of character and the beauty of your soul, awe us, we are so honoured to have been chosen by Him to be your parents. God Bless you Darling, Happy Birthday.