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    Walk in Wardrobe in a Day!

    Our latest building project has brought such a buzz! Our Walk in Wardrobe was built in a day! We’ve been at this owner builder gig for over a decade now. In all this time we’ve never had a project decided upon, executed and completed with such speed. I’m still marveling over it a month later. We’d long intended to custom outfit our Walk in Wardrobe, but meanwhile made do with two chest of drawers. Occasionally we’d chat about design and needs. A few months ago I sought quotes from a couple of companies. One measured but we never did get that quote despite numerous attempts. The other gave a rough…

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    Kitchen Coming Together

    ‘Behind the scenes’ here, kitchen progress has been moving along.  Two weeks ago our cabinet makers delivered our flat pack, oh the excitement! First task was sorting and matching cabinet pieces, rather a large task undertaking that Michelangelo(17) took care of. Bass(5) was excited to be given the job of sorting the huge pile of screws into ‘like together,’ he was happily occupied for an hour. Constructing all the cabinets took several afternoons and nights, a project made easier thanks to the preciseness of the cabinetry. Michelangelo impressed us with his diligence, often working in the afternoons by himself whilst PC was at work. The floors had to be checked…

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    Yet More Cupboards

    PC has been enjoying the satisfaction of building cupboards, and recently created a couple more, completing all built ins for the children’s rooms:) Einstein’s rather happy to have plenty of space. PC has added a new feature, a long shelf across the top, allowing for even more belongings to be stored, which is most helpful when you have two girls sharing space.  He is planning to build a second shelf above the first, which will be most appreciated. Very pleased that PC has built these cupboards out of solid materials as I’ve caught a couple of the younger boys climbing the shelves! Our walk in robe is indeed next, the sheeting…

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    Cupboard Love

    In March PC began tiling the bathrooms/laundry, with lots of life happening along the way, and by August he was ready for a break.  So he ‘turned his hand’ to projects that could be completed much quicker, such as the built in cupboards. After researching a few options in regards to what materials to build the cupboards with, we settled upon sheet flooring.  The attractions were; cost, ease to work with and most importantly strength to withstand any climbing children, remember our linen press? We splurged and bought a tablesaw, making the cutting far easier and precise. PC also designed a template which simplifies and aids accuracy when he routers the grooves. …

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    A Dream Of A Linen Press

    Twelve months is long enough for any girl to have her linen shelves highly visible in her dining hall don’t you think? Embarrassingly it’s not even as if I kept it neat all the time, the messy truth is, it often looked like this! Before visitors were due that is, the visitors at least got to look at tidy shelves. When I uttered the words on Saturday to my darling Prince Charming, “I’ve reached my limit, I want the linen cupboard out of the dining hall” He immediately responded with, “Let’s plan how to design the linen press and I’ll build it tomorrow.”  That’s all it took! He stopped tiling…

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    We Have Doors!

    We have bedroom doors! PC hung all five doors last weekend and this, his skill and speed in hanging doors is impressive. It has been so long since we’ve had doors, door knocking is a novelty. Our bedrooms are much warmer now.

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    Enough Shelving?

    A couple of weekends back we scored a blackboard($20!!) at the Convent school garage sale:) Currently it sits in the shed awaiting the renovation of the Learning Room:) There were other items of interest left in the abandoned classrooms. Six cupboards of 12 metre lengths each.  PC and I gave serious consideration to purchasing these, for $30 each we would have immediate shelving for the extension.  Downside the interior was of chipboard, upside it was good quality chipboard, was finished very nicely and the outside was timber veneer. We purchased the lot, but it was a huge job to saw up all those cupboards and load them up.  They had…

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    Completing A Few Major Projects

    The last couple of weeks have seen the completion of a few major projects. PC was pleased to finally begin and complete roofing the portico. He was rather surprised to discover it didn’t take as long as expected. Rain no longer comes into the front room:) Cladding the exterior of the house, begun weeks ago was finally completed too. A few boards are still to be nailed at the front. These will be added when the two houses are joined. Last week PC and I bought our front door! Hanging doors isn’t always the simplest project to tackle, so PC was very happy when all ran smoothly. We rather surprised…