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    Demolishing the Old Verandah

    Once upon a time our home was little, before we added a huge home to it. Building our ‘new home’ has been our focus for the past decade and blending the old and new has never been fully completed. Demolishing the old verandah is part of the process to complete the blending of the ‘two houses’, then we can finish painting the ‘old house’. A couple of weekends ago, whilst the verandah was being completed out the back, the rest of the workforce was demolishing the old verandah out the front. First step was the removal of the posts. The roofing iron had been removed years back, so as we…

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    Completing the Verandah, We’re Thrilled

    Completing the Verandah is so exciting! Finally a project begun years ago was taken back up and completed. We began the verandah in 2012. First cementing the piers, then bearers and joists, then laying the decking boards for the side and side and ‘front’ verandahs. Work then came to a halt as we pondered how to complete ‘section 3’ of our ‘front’ verandah. Life intervened, other building projects shifted our focus, in the meantime we made do with particleboard sheets on this last section. First tasks up was selecting, cutting and laying the joists. As the joists had been stored in the yard under sheets of roofing iron for nearly…

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    Beating the Bushfires With Eaves

    It was recently bought to my attention that I never did share our story of how we went about beating the bushfires with eaves. How installing eaves increased the protection our home from Bushfires. Originally we began installing eaves on our ‘front’ verandah and deck back in February 2019. This was a long project that spanned many, many months. Like with much of our building progress it had to fit around the margins of an increasingly overflowing life.   Firstly PC had to prepare the boxing in, the cutting and installation of the battens in preparation for the cement sheeting to be nailed onto. Then with the aid of our…

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    Beams in Place

    Building work on the roof has begun in earnest, firstly however preparations had to be completed. PC measured, cut and painted these posts in readiness for the beam to go up, the beam will be load bearing for the trusses. Working with old houses is never smooth sailing, it took time for PC to find the point to measure from.  It is essential for the supporting beam to be the correct height and level for the trusses. Ready and waiting for the big day when the trusses go on. Related Reading: Demolishing The Front Of The House Walls Go Up, Roof Comes Down Trusses Are On!

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    Chances Of Roofing Have Improved

    You know for certain that ‘it’s really going to happen’ when the materials start arriving:):) Front wall here, ready made for speed. The walls all have to be ‘built up’ higher to match. Always soo exciting when you can see the next stage of a project is closer to being a reality. Though beginning to be a little daunted when I realise that the girls and I are going to have to hoist these ‘babies’ up to our waiting team on the roof. Praying now it doesn’t rain for the last two weeks of November. *Sharing with Nicole and Bec over at The Builder’s Wife

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    On the Board Walk

    Prior to demolishing our old laundry a few weeks ago, PC began laying piers for a new section of verandah. Thus far we’ve laid three sections of our verandah; the end, the front (22m/72ft) and the deck. It was now time to complete the section in front of the ‘old house,’ bringing the total of the front verandah to 40 metres (131ft) in length.   Once the laundry was removed PC could then lay the bearers   and joists.   With the help of visiting friends, the joists were completed in one weekend.   The children were so excited to begin the task of laying the decking boards and   thus began a…

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    Demolishing the Old Laundry

    Finally the big day for which we’d been long working towards arrived, the day to pull down our old laundry, this will be replaced with a verandah, thus wrapping our verandah from one end of the house to the other.   There were many eager hands to help with the demolition   even the youngest two insisted on being given loads of timber to carry. We began ripping off strips and weather boards on the outside,   internally the linings and plumbing hardware were removed,   windows were gently taken out with the intent to recycle for another project.   Once the inside was gutted the pace picked up,  …

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    Verandah With A View

    We’ve just completed a major building project, the addition of a verandah running the length of the house. Let’s travel back to see where we started. In August 2012 we began laying out the bearers and joists. We ‘divided’ the verandah in half, and nailed and bolted down the foundations.  Then began laying the boards. Carpenter had not yet left for College and was still living at home, he was a major contributor to this section. We began this project after completing the deck and the end verandah. It took up the majority of that August, it was a long, hot job. We completed half the verandah, oiled the boards and then…

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    Stairway To Heaven

    Every night last week, until all hours PC has been tinkering in the shed, welding, grinding and painting.  His latest undertaking has been designing and welding stair frames.  His first welding project in years, I confess to being rather impressed. The treads are crafted from our own timber matching in neatly with the verandah timber. Just off the laundry, in direct line to the clothesline, the width of the stairs are perfect for carrying clothes baskets;)   After clambering up and down on crates and chairs for the past two years the availability of stairs on the end verandah has simplified living:)