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    Painting Up A Storm

    We’ve been ‘painting up a storm’ here this week. Preparing our kitchen space in anticipation for the arrival of the flat pack has meant not only one room needed to be painted but three, the kitchen and the rooms that ‘flow on’, the dining and learning rooms.  Bass(5) was so eager to assist that we decided he was ready to become an apprentice. Michelangelo (17) has become a master at painting ceilings, which is fortunate as I simply don’t have the upper body strength required. It always astounds me as to how a coat of paint, even undercoat makes such a difference to the lightness of a room. Michelangelo truly did a…

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    Kitchen Takes Shape

    The countdown is on as the arrival of our flatpack has been promised for next week, therefore our energies have been firmly on kitchen renovations and making final kitchen choices. ETA: A flat pack is when the cabinet maker draws up the plans and then cuts all the pieces for the kitchen and we then assemble it. All these pieces will arrive flat in packaging, hence a ‘flat pack.’ We’ll save thousands of dollars doing it this way. Once the kitchen’s external walls were up, we turned our attention to the internal walls. We began with measuring and screwing on the ceiling battens. Whilst the battens were going up, my task was to measure, cut…

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    Our Library Taking Shape

    Building work has continued here over the past few weeks. After gutting much of our ‘old’ house and building new walls, we then turned our attention to building and completing our new library. First we installed the insulation, a necessity in the hot summer months of Australia and also appreciated in the winter. Purchasing insulation by the roll allows us to measure and cut specifically for the differing spaces as you can see on the left. Once the insulation is in, the gyrock/drywall is cut, glued and screwed on. Some of the sheets are so huge it takes help from all to lift and hold in place until the screws are…

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    Ensuite Awaitin’

    Over the past year we have been making progress towards having our bathrooms and laundry ‘up and functioning’. In the last few weeks the pace has picked up rapidly and it will soon be a reality!!:):) We began work on our ensuite months ago, PC has worked so hard on all the tiling, I’m immensely proud of him   Our feature tiles took some fiddly work to evenly space, but I’m so happy with how they look   As I walk into our room I just love looking at our enusite, clean and crisp, it makes me happy:)   Actually the ensuite was the first room PC finished, long before…

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    Laundry Completed!

    We’ve finished the laundry!!!!:):)  Building your house yourselves can be disheartening at times, you spent weeks feeling as if you are  getting no-where, then all of a sudden several projects seem to wrap up simultaneously.  First the bathroom was completed and now the laundry:) I’m afraid I was a poor photographer for the laundry project, always meaning to run and get the camera, however it is a long way from one end of the house and back again, very lame I know( hang head in shame)  Be assured that PC put in many an hour tiling the laundry floor and walls, including a very impressive feature wall where the washer…

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    Main Bathroom Thus Far

    Whilst it’s been ages since I’ve updated you with our extensions, be assured that work has been happening, albeit slowly. We had intended to tile over Christmas, however PC spent the first three months of Bella’s life gazing, goo-ing and gushing about how beautiful she was, as besotted as any first time Dad. So our unplanned babymoon delayed the bathrooms/laundry project.  We finally began tiling the wet areas in March, though as we have five areas to tile and a life to live, progress has been spasmodic. First the waterproofer came and waterproofed all the wet areas. Next PC layed the scree with a little help from the Team. Then…

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    Great Hall and Hallway, Plastered & Painted

    Plastering the hallway and Great Hall (dining/kitchen area) has taken many, many months to complete. It wasn’t a high priority, considered a ‘wet weather job’, so many other projects were rated higher, and achieved first.  We plastered a wall in the Great Hall in January 2011 when my brother visited and taught us how plaster.  Then later began plastering the hallway in October 2011. For years we lived without gyprock on the walls of the Great Hall, we were thrilled when we were finally able to turn our attention to lining the walls of the Great Hall.  June this year we focused in earnest on completing this task. Cornices make such…

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    Our Very Own Games Room

    We sheeted the games room months ago and since then PC has been intermittently plastering the games room, our walk in robe and the hallway.  A huge section of the house to tackle all at once. Last weekend PC’s hard labour finally came to fruition and he was able to paint the games room.  Such an exciting moment:)  He has done a magnificent job of plastering this ceiling! He was so determined to finish this room he painted late into the night.  To see this room that has essentially been a timber yard and catch all for building supplies become a ‘real room’ has been thrilling to say the least. Just looking…

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    A Real House!

    On Saturday we were rather excited to begin painting the front exterior wall, our biggest expanse of wall, and the first noted as you travel down the driveway. The warm tones look far more inviting than the white undercoat The time passed quickly with the lovely company Our next decision is, what colour to paint the front door? Now it is starting to look like a real house.