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    The North End

    We have finally moved the cupboards off the northern verandah, out of the weather where they have been getting damaged. They now reside in our dining room.  All rather squishy in there:) The rain gutters on the end of the house are hung, a bigger rain catchment for the tank. The downpipes construction is temporary but very neatly done.  Just until we dig another trench on the front side of the house. For now it runs into the back trench. The winter sun is so inviting PC has cancelled all internal jobs and has rearranged the ‘work schedule’ to focus on outside tasks.  First up is laying the joists on the…

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    The Steady, Soaking Rain

    …….But then the grey clouds gather, And we can bless again The drumming of an army, The steady, soaking rain……….. (My Country; Dorothea Mackellar) Our latest building focus has been installing guttering onto the front of the house. The boys have been digging trenches under the house each afternoon for the pipe.  Even receiving help from the younger boys. With the addition of the downpipes we can nearly hear the rain gurgling into the tank. For the older boys conditions are rather cramped under there, it is a long way to run the pipe. On dark the pipe ends at the tank, just in time!   We awoke to hear…

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    Roof Finished, Milling Decking

    I’ve been rather quiet on updating progress, but we have still been working. Sarking has been nailed on, this is the sight out of my kitchen window. This weekend we were determined to finish the roof, so many ‘not quite finished’ jobs were burdensome. We, well PC and Koala finished the end of the hip roof! And they screwed down the ridge capping! Note the sarking has been done on this end of the house too, courtesy of PC and Princess. This photo doesn’t do the ridge capping justice, but it looks great! Not as great as this young lady though:) The majority of our time has been spent milling…

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    Roofing Continues – Tedious

    Last Saturday, PC and I were up before 6am determined to have the fascia boards up in a matter of a few hours. As it happened this was just not meant to be. Not only did attaching the fascia brackets take longer than estimated but PC still had the valleys on the porch to finish. He continually muttered that there was sure to be some secret tradies method that was faster, but not being in the know he had to plod along. The children spent some of the morning fencing with our friend Dave B. in an effort to keep some escapee cattle in. (The cattle belong to Dave) The…

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    The Roofing Iron Goes On

    Progress has slowed way down; by Thursday last week PC was ‘knackered,’ he went back to work for a rest. (He works for council;) On the weekend we finally managed to line the roof with sarking. Having a hip roof has slowed progress down dramatically as PC follows the truss plan. It’s a bit of a learning curve. We still haven’t finished. We did however complete laying iron on one side of the house!!:) (We’re praying we don’t have a storm before the weekend) They (PC and my brother Dominic) also built the front porch on the weekend. Dominic has now left:(:( and PC is continuing building valleys and the…

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    Trusses Are On:)

    Many hands make light work. Before we could start we had to build part of the end verandah for the hip roof. It slowed progress down. By the end of Saturday we had trusses started at both ends all set for a smoother run the next day. By Sunday afternoon trusses are on and it all now looks like a real house:):):) Today’s cutie and another. Monday and Tuesday has been spent attaching the cyclone bracing. Two of the boys left today, thank you for all your help boys, we enjoyed having you.