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    Sun Power

    Our solar panels were installed today.  It was astonishing the speed in which it all occurred. The solar company and the electricians arrived and 3 hours later we were taking full advantage of the power generated by the sun. Our plan now is to become smart solar users, changing habits to ensure electrical appliances run during the daylight hours. Thus maximising solar power and reducing the electrical bill.

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    O Frabjous Day!!

    Monday was a frabjous day!  One we had worked towards for so long, we now have electricity!!!:):):)  So exciting:):) Difficult to source but we finally found wall lights with switches on them, not only can they be turned off on the base, but also via the main switch as we walk past in the hallway.  Installed in the children’s bedrooms and the loungeroom. What a pleasure it will be to have fans again in the summer:)   Let’s just admit that some summer days have been rather… uncomfortable. How wonderful to have ‘switch lights’🙂 (5)  I love being able to stand in front of my linen cupboard searching at night with…

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    Trench Digging

    When we realised we needed to dig 40metres of trenches for piping; storm water and sewage, hiring a digger was the obvious choice. When we rang to book the digger the machine was only available between 9am-4pm. The pressure was on. Fortunately as it hadn’t rained the digging went more quickly than we estimated. Prior to taking this tangent we’ve been building our deck. Decking had come to a halt though as the trench was to intersect through the decking, unless we wished to dig by hand it was time to take a detour. In no time we had two trenches dug. Whilst PC was on the digger I raced…

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    The Steady, Soaking Rain

    …….But then the grey clouds gather, And we can bless again The drumming of an army, The steady, soaking rain……….. (My Country; Dorothea Mackellar) Our latest building focus has been installing guttering onto the front of the house. The boys have been digging trenches under the house each afternoon for the pipe.  Even receiving help from the younger boys. With the addition of the downpipes we can nearly hear the rain gurgling into the tank. For the older boys conditions are rather cramped under there, it is a long way to run the pipe. On dark the pipe ends at the tank, just in time!   We awoke to hear…