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    Creating a Nature Collage

    Yesterday evolved into a nature theme. After our nature challenge Jem was keen to enjoy another activity. We decided on making a nature collage. We selected various items from the gardens; flowers, seeds, bark, grass, anything that appealed to him. Once he had his collection gathered we headed inside to create a masterpiece. All was needed was a pot of glue, his collection and we had one happy boy.

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    Pinning it Down – Backyard Nature Activity

    When Sarah first announced that she and Pam were launching a pinning it down linky party I was all excited, just think of all the awesome pics I could share! Then came the kicker, she actually insisted I had to do it!!.   I had to actually turn that pin into action and only then could I share. When this morning Jack Jack declared he wanted to ‘do some school’ (we’re on holidays for two more weeks yet)  I instantly knew what we would do. I’ve been conscious for some time of the need to spend more time outdoors with the children, reading this article only re-enforced my belief. Endeavouring to do…

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    Rock Pouches

    Our children constantly amaze me with their inventiveness. Recently we were given some jeans with the knees out, I immediately turned them into denim shorts for Michelangelo;) and threw away the offcuts. The children promptly ‘rescued’ the jean bottoms. Then they turned them inside out and ran a seam along the cut opening and instantly had a pocket. Slits were cut into one side and a belt was run through. The boys now have durable, attractive pouches for rock fossicking. A pastime that is popular here on our property.

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    What We Found on Our Lawn

    Early one morning last week PC and I heard the dog barking and Michelangelo calling for us to come quickly. Only twenty meters from our front door lay a dead dingo! This was a new sight for all of us, obviously one of the neighbours must have laid baits. But what a strange place for a dingo to lie down to die, on our front lawn. As dingoes go he looked to be in the prime of his life.

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    Nemo the Possum

    Living in the bush has found me with a camera in hand often trying to capture the wildlife. Every morning I only need to look out my windows for fresh ‘subjects’. One day soon I am going to post some pictures. For now though I must share Nemo with you. Nemo lives in our shed, actually to be precise he lives in the roller door of the shed. When we pull down the door we can hear poor Nemo rolling around inside the roller, we suspect that his nest was previously in the gum that came down in the hailstorm the day we moved in. Last night Prince Charming was…

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    What we saw when fencing!

    Sunday saw us walking the boundary of our property checking for breaks. The cattle adjisted here were looking rather thin and needed more feed. We found a few trees over the fence which then led to some necessary repair work being carried out. The most exciting moment of the afternoon came when we discovered an echidna down a hole I know these are not the best photos as the echidna was rather shy. Further on Carpenter was pretty excited to make a discovery Searching up a log he found an old abandoned wild bees’ honeycomb. He was very careful not to encounter anything dangerous. Best of all the cattle are…