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    Papal Notebook, Past and Present Popes, Church Hierarchy & Habemus Papam

    We managed to finish our papal notebook🙂  A major focus, and I learnt a few facts about my children and notebooking along the way.  Princess loves notebooking and was quite happy to complete all on offer.  Jelly Bean and Jack Jack were keen and interested in the first week and after that…. not happy.  Is this age or is it personality?  I suspect the later, at least in regards to the girls, JJ is still young so his verdict is not yet in.  Trying to discern the implications of my observations for future approaches. Unit Two: Holy Fathers Past and Present We’d read all of the recommended books in the first week,…

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    Papal Notebook, “Thou Art Peter…”

    Inspired by Jessica’s awesome Papal notebook, we decided to follow along.  Jessica’s family is a week ahead of us, which is actually extremely helpful as she has broken the study down into week size bites.  This week we studied St Peter, the First Pope, a great beginning.   All three of our younger children including our 4 year old, have now memorised  “You are Peter and on this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matt 16:18) Whilst Jessica has designed the unit for lapbooks, as a family we find notebook pages work easier for us, it is a simple matter to  use…

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    Creating Our First Faith Notebook

    Notebooking and living books are Princess’ favourite learning approaches, and as the oldest of the younger set she has a powerful vote. Therefore, inspired by the wonderful Catholic notebooks shared at Take Up and Read we’ve found a fantastic way to enjoy our Faith studies this year. We decided to kick off with a small version of Willa’s Adam and Eve notebook, but like with most things we adapted a little. The truth is I can rarely understand nor work out the different flap  flip and squash books, sometimes I stumble upon the correct method but mostly I just glue and staple and make it work.  Somehow we managed to make our…

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    November – Month of All Souls

    In the spirit of fellowship a friend and I have undertaken to meet once a month.  Each month our gatherings will have a different focus, we chose to begin with the Church’s Monthly Dedications.  As we began in November our first focus was The Holy Souls.   The children gathered together and we read parts of Father Philip Tells a Ghost Story (not a favourite as the writing style is long winded).  We discussed what The Church Triumphant, Militant and Suffering means and discussed Purgatory and prayer; “It is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from sins.”Mach 2:46 We then created notebook pages using a…

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    The Feast of Christ the King – Celebration and a Notebook

    Yesterday we celebrated the Feast of Christ the King. Part of our celebrations included enjoying our simple Crown cake using Elana’s Chocolate Chip Banana Cake recipe. We had been preparing for the Feast in a variety of ways throughout the week preceding.  A simple and fun activity was to sew felt crowns.  I cut, Princess and Michelangelo sewed, easy:) We also created another notebook, including a simple colouring for the younger children. and a more detailed picture for the older children. We filled in a worksheet (not so popular;) and frustratingly some  questions and answers didn’t match the readings in our missals. Jenn’s centrepiece is now a yearly tradition. To further explain the…

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    Creating a Rosary Notebook

    Towards the end of October after a discussion with our tweens and younger children, we’ve been enjoying a different approach to our Faith lessons, notebooking.  Some ideas are quickly pulled together, some take a little more searching.  I thought I’d share here in the desire to help anyone who may be searching for ideas for Faith notebooks too.   As it was October, the Month of the Holy Rosary,  we decided that would be our focus.  The majority of our notebooking came from That Resource Site, Celebrate the Month of the Holy Rosary, there were many links here we didn’t have time to use including beautiful notebooking pages. The first two notebooking…

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    Viking Lapbook

    This term Princess chose to study Vikings and was keen to make a lapbook.  Searching around we discovered Homeschool Share’s Viking Unit and Lapbook The lapbook was based on Clyde Robert Bulla’s Viking Adventure and a couple of Usborne titles.  We didn’t have the non-fiction titles but managed with library books and the internet for extra information. The lapbook wasn’t too overwhelming yet covered a lot of material, totally perfect for a nine year old.

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    Craft of the Week Club- Week 11

    When Sarah at Plainsong came up with the idea of having a Craft Club designed for ‘craft challenged mums’ I thought I’d found my niche. In honour of the Month of the Most Holy Rosary we designed a rosary poster. Materials needed are: Scrapbook sheets or posterboard. Paper punch (circle shape)and cardstock or crepe paper Glue Toothpicks and cotton thread Holy Card or ‘google image’ To begin the craft you need to punch out 59 circles with the paper punch. If you don’t have cardstock you can use any colour paper, we preferred blue and turned the circles over to the white for the ‘Our Father’s’ For the little fingers…