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    A Bibliophile Declares, Perfect:)

    Recently I realised that our library pics are outdated and blurry.  Thought I’d treat you to a tour of one of the most popular rooms in our house. From the door looking in, it’s rare to find the room empty. The first three bookcases running along the left are; Australian, Childen’s Faith and History.  The three shelves above are;  Australian and Adult Faith books. Walking immediately forward and standing in the far left corner, I manage to not overexpose this shot. The bookcases on the left of this corner are series; girls, boys, mysteries, literature sets, favourite authors, early readers, nature and science and school texts.  Along the top is…

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    Found: One Book Stand!

    On a recent weekend we made our way to the back of a local op-shop to deposit a box. Afterwards on our way out of the alley we noticed a metal stand at the back of a shop which had recently closed its doors. The stand had obviously been thrown out so PC quickly stopped the car and announced, “That would make a great bookstand.” (Isn’t he just perfect?:) We bought it home and loaded it with books, the visual display is rather attractive. Alas the slots are not wide enough for picture books, it houses only chapter books. A great way to entice everyone with hither to unnoticed books.…

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    A Bibliophile’s Dream

    My birthday gift is complete, tidied and organised to my satisfaction. Come with me on a tour around the library.  The view from the door facing towards the south-west.  The open space and the bean bags are so inviting, it is rare to find the room empty now:) Standing in the far south-east corner looking towards the north-west. The picture book bins will eventually be replaced with a cube bookcase on the inner wall.  The short wall will display books in rain gutters. Facing back towards the door from the south-west corner brings us the full circuit around the room.  I know we are so blessed to have this space…

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    Indulging a Bibliophile Wife

    I have long been wanting bookshelves that reach to the ceiling in the library and travel the perimeter of the room. On the weekend PC began making this dream come true. Upon close inspection of the bookcase up the centre of the room, he came to the conclusion it could easily be unscrewed and then the shelves could be re-screwed straight into the wall studs. This now gives plenty of space in the centre of the room, and the books look so nice reaching from floor to ceiling.  For now I’m placing bean bags in the centre but am planning on acquiring a couple of armchairs to create a cosy…

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    A Cosier Library

    Originally our library was an inviting place, we then added two new bookcases, this addition however didn’t really work. Whilst it enabled all books to be out of storage it was more a warehouse than a room to read in. There was barely room to sidle along each bookcase selecting books, as for maintenance, it was impossible. Determined to find a solution I managed to fit all books on the one bookcase and removed the second bookcase. There is now room for bean bags, to relax and read on. My favourite change is the return of our beloved picture book bins under the window.

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    Additions to Our Library

    The last couple of weeks I have been combing garage sales in pursuit of bookcases/shelving. In a fit of impatience I had unpacked the last of our stored books, all 20 boxes of adult fiction and faith. For several weeks they lay lining the floor of our library, spines facing up, but this was only meant to be temporary. Having every confidence that God would supply as He always does, I set out on Saturday morning with newspaper and map in hand. I hit ‘paydirt’ at a book store in town which had closed down. For $40 each we became the new owner of double sided shelves that are 2.4metres…

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    Our Very Own Library

    After arranging the study Koala and I began working on our favourite room, the library:) My plans were originally to start on Wednesday but Koala was keen, so by late Tuesday afternoon we were ready to begin. First we lined the walls with the bookcases. We then moved the bookcase off the top of the desk (we’d been short on space before) and moved it to the study. All the books from that bookcase and the books from the boys’ bookcase (moved to the library’s back wall) were stacked on empty shelves. We then enlisted the boys help to carry the book boxes from the shipping container down to the…

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    ‘Ask and Ye Shall Receive’

    Just before Christmas I started dropping hints to Prince Charming that what I would like, really like would be display shelves for our ‘theme’ books. You know like the ones that they have in the children’s section of the library. I thought having the books displayed attractively would entice the dc to pick up the books and read of their own accord. At that time I was gathering the books together and placing them in baskets which was successful too, but you know, always thinking;) One Saturday Michaelangelo and I attended a garage sale and found my Christmas present! I walked in and saw display shelves! Well technically they were…