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    Creating and Smiles

    Over the holiday I enjoyed sewing and creating a few items.  I began with up-cycling a top never worn into a skirt for Princess.  So bright and funky, she loves it. It was simply a matter of cutting the bodice top off and turning the edges over. Quite handily the rows of shirring on the back meant no elastic was needed. Inspired by pictures on pinterest, I next made a strip skirt.  Between choosing fabric and my machine tension issues this was not a quick skirt to make.   Princess however is rather thrilled although PC calls it a ‘pauper skirt,’  reminding me of Dolly’s song, Momma sewed the rags together  Sewin’ every piece…

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    Old Fashioned Nightgowns for my Girls

    My younger girls have long been begging me to purchase a long nightie for them.  However they are impossible to find in the stores unless I was willing to pay $100+ online. I bought a very pretty Sheridan doona cover from the op-shop and with the aid of this peasant dress tutorial and these shiring tutorials, I have some very happy girls:)

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    Father ‘Meranti’

    Two years ago I was totally inspired by Jennifer’s Fr Oak, not only the craftmanship of the materials but the whole concept behind Father Oak. To help focus the children’s attention on the liturgical year in a visible and tangible manner. Everyday the children change the vestments of the ‘priest’ in conjunction with the liturgical colours of the day. However I was a little daunted and sat on this project for a couple of years. It wasn’t until I saw Charlotte’s Father Dowling that I thought; “Oh I can do that!” So I set out op-shopping to see what I could find. And found a mug holder, and mugs; I…

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    Mass Bags for Little Ones

    A dear friend sent me some beautiful material, my plan was to make Mass bags for my little ones. Yesterday I completed them! An A4 size they are just the right size to fit prayer books in. The children can’t wait to use them. I had plans to give you a quick tutorial on making the bags, they were so easy once I worked it out. Unfortunately I can’t retrieve the photos off my camera so it will be all verbal. The material was a metre length, I cut into four rectangles. Turning right sides together on the fold I only needed to sew along one side and the bottom.…

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    Grandma’s Nappy Covers

    After completing my first nappy cover I had every intention of knitting more. I even started and progressed about a quarter of the way along. However in the holidays I finally admitted defeat and asked Grandma if she was willing to complete the cover for me. Thankfully she was:) In a matter of hours it was completed!! No joke; my little contribution had taken me a full day. This week we picked up a parcel from the mailbox and contained inside were two more covers! Yeah!! Thank you Grandma:):) Grandma has tried a slightly different design (I believe she has used a real pattern;) I’m just so thrilled:)

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    Creating Pot Mitts

    When our recent sewing bug hit, Michelangelo and Princess got into the act and made some pot mitts with Grandma’s help. We first drew around Michelangelo’s hand onto tracing paper for a template. For each glove he cut four, the padded thickness for safety. They then added a double rectangle strip to join the hands together. Very handy, fits over the oven door handle nicely and we can all use them;) (Michelangelo wants you to know the reason the mitts are pink is that was the only material available) Princess’ are of a slightly smaller size and her design feature was two separate gloves. They are pretty proud of their…

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    Fabric Buckets

    Last week I visited my friend Deanne who is talented in all things homemaking. She excitedly showed me some fabric buckets she had made and I totally, instantly developed a case of covetousness; I wanted my own fabric buckets. Obviously I ‘interrogated’ my friend and wrote down her instructions so I could make one. What’s impressive is Deanne never had a pattern or instructions, she just ‘figured it out.’ Originally inspired by pictures of Wisecraft and Maya made’s buckets she worked out how to create her own! Using a circular ‘template’; for mine I used a serving dish, obviously the size dish you use depends on the size bag you…

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    Designing a Mass Bag?

    My friend Anne has given me this beautiful piece of material. I’ve been pondering what to use it for? It has finally occurred to me that it would make lovely Mass bags. I’m planning on having special items to help my little ones focus on the Mystery. Any ideas/ suggestions of designs or patterns?