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    Creating a Rosary Notebook

    Towards the end of October after a discussion with our tweens and younger children, we’ve been enjoying a different approach to our Faith lessons, notebooking.  Some ideas are quickly pulled together, some take a little more searching.  I thought I’d share here in the desire to help anyone who may be searching for ideas for Faith notebooks too.   As it was October, the Month of the Holy Rosary,  we decided that would be our focus.  The majority of our notebooking came from That Resource Site, Celebrate the Month of the Holy Rosary, there were many links here we didn’t have time to use including beautiful notebooking pages. The first two notebooking…

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    Our Saintly Cast

    We celebrated All Saints Day with Mass and enjoyed a relaxed afternoon with friends.  Shortly before teatime I suggested that the children might like to come dressed as a saint.  As we are blessed to have an extensive ‘dress up’ collection, including miniature ‘priestly vestments’, this was easily achieved. Without further ado, introducing from left to right: St Anthony Mary Claret, St Rose of Lima, St Therese of the Child Jesus and centre: St Ignatius Loyola

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    St Patrick’s Day Celebration

    Happy St Patrick’s Day to all:) I have a great love for St Patrick, nurtured as a child in a Parish that had only ever know Irish missionary priests.  St Patrick’s Day in our Parish began with Mass where each year “Hail Glorious St Patrick,  Dear Saint of Our Isle.” was sung, and every child in my class turned to stare at me during the chorus, “When Erin’s green valley’s bestowed a sweet smile.”  The whole day was a celebration of Ireland’s greatest Saint, culminating with a St Paddy’s Day Fete in the evening, concluding with Danny boy sung to our sweet Irish priest, whose name was ‘Danny.’  Reflecting now on these amazing…

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    Liturgical Year Resources – Spreadsheet

    A few years ago my friend Anne inspired me when she shared how she had compiled an inventory of her collection of saint books. Anne’s aim was to utilize her library to the fullest with her children. As I could relate to the feeling of owning many wonderful books but knowing they were not being used to their maximum capacity I promptly started my own compilation. I was finding in particular the books with several different chapters of saints were being overlooked. The idea was to know what resources we had for any saint, to read on their Feast Days. For some odd reason I typed our ‘Liturgical Year Resources’…

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    Planning Liturgical Feasts – July to September

    For Mary as she asked: I am in the process of planning out my kindergarten’s academic schedule, this is our first year of home schooling. I am interested in how you are planning out the liturgical year, do you mind sharing your plans? Despite maintaining Faith Filled Days we have not been consist in celebrating Liturgical Feasts for a long time. Reflecting upon My Truths I realised the missing piece of the puzzle, I need to write my plans. Where to start? Where else but Faith Filled Days, all I need is there, it is time to utilise it. With the aid of my ‘liturgical year resources’ spreadsheet that PC…

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    Celebrating the Feast of the Guardian Angels

    What a week of Feasts! Jelly Bean awoke this morning and asked “Whose feast is it today?” Not being anyone’s name day, today’s plans were lower keyed. We read a few books (plus some I haven’t updated to my list yet). And inspired by Catholic Cuisine we made Angel Kisses(meringues). Of course colouring once again kept the children engrossed for hours. *Colouring Pictures to come*

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    Celebrating the Feast of St Therese

    Today was Princess’ name day and she was such an excited girl when she awoke. We enjoyed reading the Treasure Box books, and Charlotte’s colouring was a huge hit once again. I had intended to make a rose petal coconut cake, however as Princess doesn’t like coconut we made a plain cake with pink icing and a pink flower. The biggest hit was our rose coloured punch. We modified the recipe but even our simpler ‘punch’ made the children so happy. (They are so easy to please) *Colouring in pictures to come*

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    Living & Learning Sketch – October

    Thanks to my friend Gae for inspiring me to finally organise my thoughts a whole month ahead. and ‘lending’ me her format. The first two weeks of October we will be taking ‘school’ holidays, so life will be a little different. FAITH: The Month of the Most Holy Rosary As two name days occur this month (we celebrate middle and confirmation names too) we are planning to celebrate: – 1st St Therese of the Child Jesus (Princess and my name day) with colouring, a coconut cake and modified punch, this prayer and reading Catholic Treasure Box books and other Feast Day books. – 2nd Feast of the Guardian Angels Celebrating…