A Little Bush Maid


One of my favourites from childhood are the Billabong books. Set in rural Victoria early last century this series follows the life and adventures of a motherless girl Nora, her brother Jim and his best mate Wally. Presiding over this happy group is their indulgent yet wise father who is all things to Nora, father, mother and best friend. This series of books set in the Australian bush, recounts the adventures of the Linton family living on a station called “Billabong”. The saga stretches from 1910 to 1942, with the tumult of the period reflected in these incident-packed books.

The first book opens with Nora at ten years of age, still at home with her brother away at boarding school.  In subsequent books we follow Nora leaving her beloved father and ‘Billabong’ to go away to school, her many adventures as she grows up, the war years, her marriage and her own motherhood. This saga stretches from 1910 to 1942.


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