Banksias and Bilbies: Seasons of Australia


Knowledge of regular yearly patterns of natural events such as times at which plants flower, birds nest, butterflies emerge and migrants arrive and depart, have been vital to humans for hundreds of thousands of years. The relative times at which these seasonal events take place depend upon factors such as how close a region is to the sea, the strength and direction of prevailing winds, the frequency of fires, the slope of the land, the amount of rainfall, the surface water and, of cause the species of plants and animals that live there.  Naturally people in different parts of the world recognise very different seasons.

In Australia, aboriginal survival depends upon a knowledge of the sequels of significant natural events, especially those relating to life cycles of useful plants and animals. These timelines show the importance of he sequence of natural events for people living in harmony with the land.

This beautifully illustrated 82 page book includes Aboriginal Seasonal Calendars, European and Australian calendars and shares details of what are likely to find at various months of the year. It will also help you identify species and record your findings to show seasonal patterns and changes.  With so much rapid change today, this is an excellent tool to help you see how fast things are changing, the life span of individual plants, and whether vegetation is changing in it’s size and complexity.

It’s a wonderful weekly guide to natural events in Australia with space for your own records.

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