Bill Baillie : The Life and Adventures of a Pet Bilby


Welcome to the fascinating, exciting and sometimes frightening world of ‘His Highness Bill Baillie of Goongarrie’, the most adventurous and well-travelled bilby in Australia. Bill Baillie tells the story of a bold and inquisitive bilby, originally published in 1908 by Ellis Rowan. Bill Baillie lives with his owner and friend, Tabitha, and accompanies her when she goes to interesting places to paint wildflowers.

Bill Baillie: The Life and Adventures of a PetBilby is an abridged adaptation of Ellis Rowan’s fictional memoir about an orphaned bilby that she adopted and raised as a pet. Beginning in the middle of the desert in Western Australia, Bill Baillie’s travels and escapades provide an insight into the Australian geography and lifestyle of the early 1890s.

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