Bobby the Tree Kangaroo


In the beginning, Bobby lives in his mother’s pouch, while she climbs around the trees. Later, the Tree Kangaroo parents encourage him to climb by himself. Firstly, Bobby scratches around a tree trunk he wants to climb. A Sulphur-crested cockatoo calls out in encouragement. Finally, he climbs a tree. Down below, Cassy the cassowary jumps up and down to show that she also has strong legs. Later, the little Tree Kangaroo can be found sitting in the tree tops feeding on leaves. They taste so much better now, because he picked them all by himself.

The book features beautiful art work. Illustrations include Rainbow lorikeets, Ulysses butterflies, frog-mouth owls, green tree snakes, cassowaries, Cairns Bird-wing butterflies, green tree frogs and Azure kingfishers. Also, included are paintings of tropical rainforest plants, Licuala Palms, Elkhorn and Staghorn ferns, as well as vines and Tree ferns.

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