This is a story about a boy called Pender and a kangaroo called Brindabella, about how they became friends, and all the things that happened to them because of it.

Pender and his father live in an old house made of honey-coloured stone in the bush by the river, with only the company of his father’s paintings and the loyal dog, Billy-Bob. Then, on one winter morning, a gunshot amongst the trees changes everything.

When Pender rescues Brindabella from the pouch of her dead mother, an unusual friendship blossoms between the lonely boy and the orphaned joey. But Brindabella is no ordinary kangaroo. And though Pender has saved her life, the untameable wildness of the bush – and freedom – call to her …

Lyrical and unforgettable, Brindabella explores the fierce beauty of the Australian bush.

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