Captain Flinders’ Map


Following on from ‘Ned Kelly’s Helmet’ the first of the series, this book taps into the rich vein of Australian history — the story of Captain Matthew Flinders, the first man to circumnavigate the continent (but which an interesting twist for today’s generation).

Stafford wrote these books to encourage reluctant boys to read. He uses a number of interesting techniques including shock tactics.

When Ms Bracker plants a 10 acre cornfield maze in Milltown and buries a “treasure chest” in it, her class knows it’s just her way of helping them learn old-school navigational techniques – at least that’s the official version. But – as usual – their dodgy teacher has a whole different agenda; identifying the best navigators in her class to help her find real buried treasure, using a map left by her ancestor.

But when theMcGoogly Gang use their ancient technology to go back in time and learn navigation from Captain Matthew Flinders aboard the Investigator, they unwittingly bring their deadly nemesis back to the 21st century, and the game is rapidly transformed from smooth sailing to very nasty squalls. Splice the mainbrace – there’s a storm coming!

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