Children of the Dark People

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Set in the days before the coming of the white man, this is the story of Jackadgery and Nimmitybelle, two children who wander lost in the bush and have many curious magical experiences before they come safely home again. They are chased by a witchdoctor named Adaminaby, and befriended by the good spirits of the bush: the Spirit of the Billabong, Grandfather Gumtree, the Spirit of the Mist, Mickatharra, the Brumby Boy, and others. Finally they meet Old Mr Bunyip who leads them back home

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2 reviews for Children of the Dark People

  1. Bob Brooks

    I read this book at school 1950 and still recall it’s content today, it depicted the Aboriginal side beautifly. Jackadgery has been my dream time companion through out my life. I was given a bronze statue of an Aboriginal, about 4 inches tall, when I was 10 years old and he is still with me today, carried him where ever I go even through my army life. I named him Jackadgery. I am 85 years old.

  2. Petrice Judge

    This story was read to the class by our teacher. It was a powerful and mystical experience. We little girls were inspired by the story to make a flowery fairyland around a large craggy gum in the comer of the West Leederville Primary School. We created paths lined with gum leaves and blossom and acted out our version of the adventures befalling Jackadgery and Nimmitybelle. We loved the characters and replayed the events over and over. J and N still live in my memory over sixty years later.

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