How the Finnegans Saved the Ship


How the Finnegans Saved the Ship is set in 1913, the year after the titanic sank. It is the story of the voyage to Australia that is made by the Finnegan children and their mother, who travelled in a boat as unlike the titanic as is possible. this ship also hits an iceberg, although luckily it is saved. the journey they undertake is perilous, though, and the conditions and attitudes markedly very different from those of today. Added to this is the family’s anticipation of going to a different country – and a country they know very little about and one that couldn’t be more different from their beloved Ireland. What does make a family leave the country they love and travel to another? this book is based on a true story – there really was a Mary who travelled on a ship to Australia in 1913 that hit an iceberg, and Mary and her family really did help save the ship.

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