Janagatha and the Family Tree: 1870-1966


For art lovers of all ages, this beautifully illustrated book follows the tale of Janagatha, a mischievous young student, who is reluctantly studying her family tree for homework. Janagatha has three pet hates in life: her teacher Mrs Mainprize; writing lines; – and top of the list, homework.

Janagatha’s Great-Grandma, Jessie, a kind, sweet natured, talented artist, had painted her life on canvas for more than eighty years. Jessie has offered to show Janagatha her collection of paintings and to explain all about life in the ‘Good-Old-Days’, but Janagatha wants none of it.

One thing, very importantly, that Janagatha is not aware of, is Great-Grandma Jessie’s memories include information about a wizard who has left an interesting legacy for the family that started many years ago.

Laugh and cry along with Janagatha as the magical tale unfolds.

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