John of the Sirius


This following series is based on actual events that occurred during the beginning of the English occupation of Australia.  Following the adventures of a young boy, John and his sister Sue we learn early Australian history effortlessly, the sign of true living history.  I suspect the author has based the books upon The Diary of Watkin Tench  written by a marine stationed in Australia in 1788, adapting the horrific for young minds. Whilst the subject of convicts is indeed glossed over it, this makes the novels suitable to read to a five year old (and older).

In “John of the Sirius”, we are introduced to John and Sue, who depart from England for Australia on the ‘First Fleet‘!  John’s father is a Captain of the Marines and the children belong to the small group of marine’s children who emigrated to Australia.  Along the journey we learn of life on a ship, the diet and  monotony.  We ‘visit’ the various places the First fleet ‘put into’ on the long voyage to Botany Bay. John always manages to become involved in adventures.  The book concludes with the Fleet’s arrival in Australia and the raising of the flag in Sydney Cove, 26th January 1788.


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