Nanberry: Black Brother White


The amazing story of Australia’s first surgeon and the boy he adopted. Beginning in 1788 as the new colony in Sydney Cove is established, based on true events. Surgeon John White defies convention when he adopts Nanberry, an Aboriginal boy who he manages to save from smallpox, he raises Nanberry alongside his son Andrew. Nanberry is clever and uses his unique gifts as an interpreter to bridge the two worlds he lives in. With his white brother, Andrew he witnesses the struggles of the colonists to keep their precarious grip on a hostile wilderness. And yet he is haunted by the memories of the Cadigal warriors who will one day come to claim him as one of their own. this true story follows the brothers as they make their way in the world – one as a sailor, serving in the Royal Navy, the other a hero of the Battle of Waterloo. No less incredible is the enduring love between the gentleman surgeon and the convict girl who was saved from the death penalty and became a great lady in her own right. Written for the over 12s.


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