Nice girls don’t play footy


Devi Sharma (Dev) is 11 and mad on Bollywood. Her dad is a GP from New Zealand whose parents migrated there from India and her mum is a genuine First Fleet descendant. Dev spends most of her free time watching her favourite movies, and avoiding her grandmother who has had Dev’s life planned for her from the moment she was born. But Dev’s going to be Australia’s first ever half Indian, sort of half Kiwi, quarter Scottish and who knows what the other quarter is, Strayan speaking Bollywood superstar! When Dev develops into a brilliant young Aussie Rules footy player, good enough to be scouted for the brand new girls’ team, she is torn – knowing that playing Aussie Rules will be regarded by her whole family as something sacrilegious – in fact – it might be the only thing they ever agree on!

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