Pictorial Social Studies

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This series is the ‘Pictorial Social Studies’. Published in 1958, there are 55 books in the set, covering not only Australian history but social studies worldwide.  My favourite however are the Australian history books, covering the Settlement and expansion, exploration, Gold Rush etc.


Written in comic form they are chock full of information without overloading and the visual presentation totally engages the children, ‘whetting the appetite’ for more information. Inside of each cover is a map.


Recently my brothers B(30) & K(28) were discussing a visit to the Blue Mountains which they had undertaken with overseas visitors, they had regaled the group with factual information about Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth’s incredible feat crossing the Blue Mountains.


The group listened spellbound as they bombarded them with historical detail, the visitors much impressed asked how they knew so much? A question I was keen to have answered myself when the story was recounted to me. Brother B reminded me, “You taught me”  “I did?”

“Remember that comic book you read to us?”  Well yes but the boys were all of 6 & 8 then.  Amazing that they both remembered over two decades later!!

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