Spark Of Opal


“For eight years, Mike and May Watson and their two children, 15-year-old Liz and 13-year-old Bill, have lived in a dug-out home in an Australian opal-mining town. Big strikes are being made on the opal field and Mike has a hunch that he is about to find his “parcel,” the one that will make them rich, but time is running out. At the end of the year the Watsons must move to Adelaide and live with Grandma Birch so that Liz can go to high school.

For Bill, leaving the Opal Town means losing his best friend Steve, his dog Potch and the free life he loves. For Liz, it means abandoning the Aboriginal girl, Kathy, who depends on her. In a desperate attempt to find a different solution to the family’s problems, the young people embark on a dangerous plan.”

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