The Journey of Tom Thumb ll


In one short week exploring the coast south of Botany Bay, Matthew Flinders, George Bass and their servant-boy William Martin had a series of adventures. They set out to locate a river Henry Hacking had described, but on the way: they sailed too fast and too far south, their boat was dumped by the surf on the beach at Towradgi, at Lake Illawarra’s entrance they cut hair and trimmed the beards of the friendly Aboriginal people, but ended up fleeing in fear of their lives when a group of men jumped into the boat, a summer storm nearly wrecked their tiny vessel beneath the cliffs of the Royal National Park before they found shelter at Wattamolla … 35 pages packed with full-page colour images and sketches, interwoven with the story and excerpts from Matthew Flinders’ journal. Be sure to read about Christine Hill’s backstory of making and illustrating the book, fascinating.

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