The Quinkins


From the beginning, the Yalanji tribe belonged to the beautiful country of Cape York. They covered the walls of open caves with their paintings, ancestral beings, sacred animals and the Quinkins. The Quinkins, spirit people of this land, never allowed themselves to be seem by the Yalanji tribe. Yet it was known that there were two groups of Quinkins – the Imjim and the Timara. The Imjim were small fat-bellied bad fellows, with large ugly heads, long teeth and claws. They stole children and took them to their cave in the great red mountain… The Imjim had long knobbly tails that they used like a kangaroo to travel in giant leaps across the land. Timara was the name of the other Quinkins. They were humorous, whimsical spirits who liked to play tricks on people, but they didn’t like the Imjim stealing children and always tried to stop them…

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