Thiele Tales: Three Long Stories for Children


A collection of stories in one volume.

Gloop the Bunyip –  The story in verse of Gloop the Bunyip, who had a wonderful life until the white people came and chopped up all the bushland round his billabong…and then began to pump out the water, too. He expected to be caught and imprisoned in the zoo, but right at the lat minute the unexpected happened and gave Gloop a wonderful new lifestyle.

Flip Flop and the Tiger Snake –  Flip-Flop was a frog, who lived in a pond on a country homestead. Peter Martin was a boy who lived on the homestead. Peter and his friends used to swim in Flip-Flop’s waterhole, and frighten all the frogs with their mighty splashing. Tiger Snake liked frogs to eat, and one night he almost caught Flip-Flop. The little frog escaped into Peter’s house, and Tiger Snake followed, and what happened next makes an exciting conclusion to the story.

Flash Flood –  Even Stevens was nine years old when his family took him on holiday in the Flinders Ranges… not forgetting his dog Bullet. They towed their caravan over the hills and along the rocky roads, and one night they decided to camp in the bed of a dry creek. That was when the great Flash Flood came roaring down out of the hills. What happens to Even Stevens, Bullet and their family when the wall of water came charging across the plain.


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