Tippy the Kangaroo


Tippy the Kangaroo is about a Red Kangaroo joey, which wants to meet his cousins. Due to great distances, his mother suggests that they make video calls instead. As a result, Tippy meets other kangaroos, as well as other marsupials. Tippy learns a lot about the different species of kangaroo and their environments. He is amazed.

Illustrations are changing in contrast from the red outback to the tropical rainforest, as well as rocky cliffs and an island. The different species vary from the tiny Musky Rat-kangaroo to the largest of them all, the Red Kangaroo. Other kangaroos featured in this book are the Tree Kangaroo, Pademelon, Quokkas, Rock-wallaby and Wallabies.

Further illustrations are of the Koala, Wombat, Possum and the Bilby.

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