Who is Laughing?


Laughing kookaburra Bluey is flying from place to place. This bird’s call is very distinctive. As a result, he is disturbing a Frogmouth family’s peace. They are trying to sleep. Then, the kookaburra moves on. He lands on an Evodia tree. Rainbow lorikeets are screeching around. That is to say, their noise is not as loud as the kookaburra’s laugh.

Further on, Bluey arrives at a tree filled with Sulphur-crested cockatoos. They think he is laughing at them. Later on, Bluey leaves again. He lands on a tree filled with black cockatoos. They are chewing on gum nuts of an Eucalyptus tree. However, one gum nut drops on Bluey’s head.

Later on, Bluey flies to a tree near two cassowaries. It’s Cassy and her father from a previous book. A Paradise kingfisher is sitting on the same tree. He is the kookaburra’s cousin. After that, Bluey discovers a scrub turkey building her nest. It’s hard work for her in comparison to kookaburras.

Finally, Bluey wants to sleep. But, the bush stone curlews are making loud calling noises. Now, Bluey can’t sleep from the noise.

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