Yellow Truck Road Train


Based on a real-life family who live in Katherine. A little boy goes on a long trip with his Dad in the Yellow Truck Road Train. A road train, is a series of large trailers used for carting stock on long distances and pulled by a massive prime mover. A road train can be up to four trailers or bogies long.

Set in the outback of Australia where distances are vast and stock needs to be moved long distances, we join the road train at the end of the wet season, as they go to pick-up a load of weaners. A truck steak is enjoyed at night when they stop for a sleep and when they pass Dad’s mate Pickles heading in the other direction, they have a chat to him on the radio.

A very large four page spread at the end of the book details all the many aspects of a typical 6 deck road train, with a small glossary included to help with the meaning of  words, such as weaner, build-up and bogle.


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